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Vintage Travel

Vintage Motels, Historic Hotels, Vintage Campers n Trailers, fun vintage travel destinations and a bit of history. If you want to travel back in time, these are the places you’ll love!

Food & Drinks

Vintage, retro and cool old places to eat, drink or get a sweet treat! Regional foods, diners, car hop service and more.

Old Fashioned Fun

Throwback fun stuff to do – Amusement Parks, Arcades, Mini Golf, Bowling, Drive In Movies, Swing Dancing and more!

Vintage Shopping

New Stuff in Cool Old Places or Cool Old Stuff in New Places – Vintage clothing, Retro Home Decor, Collectibles, Memorabilia, Architectural Salvage and more!

Vintage Events and Exhibits

Vintage and Retro Inspired Events – Car Shows, Concerts, Art Exhibits, Tiki Weekends, Vintage Camper Rallies and more!

Vintage Photo Ops

Can’t do much more than stop and snap a photo, but it’s worth it!

Retro Roadmap Roundups

Have you been looking for an excuse to go on a Retro Roadmap Roadtrip? Do you think it would be fun to meet folks with similar interests, while also supporting a cool old business? Then come on down!

Messages from Mod Betty

Your retro hostess-with-the-mostess sharing what’s going on her world of vintage fun – links, musings, videos, it’s blogtastic!