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Boehringer’s Closing Day 2009

Posted on: September 13, 2009


It is too nice of a day to stay home and clean, so we took a ride out to Boehringer’s for some cheeseburgers and Zerbe’s chips! I’m checking out posting things from my cell phone, and so far so good. I think we have room for ice cream- yep, we did! And all of our food came to just over $10 for the both of us.


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  • That is such a cool little roadside drive in! Did you check out the antique places while you were there???


    • I did indeed, per the suggestion on YOUR blog! Got some great shoes, and totally had vintage everything lust at Mad Hatter, esp. that booth in the back with all the cool lamps and toasters. Keep those ideas a-comin, we had a swell day!