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Gorgeous Mel’s Diner Sign Lebanon PA

Posted on: May 1, 2010

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  • Just took a photo of that sign yesterday! I swear we’re going to bump into eachother one of these days! 🙂

    • How hysterical is that? We definitely have to meet up some time! There’s so much neat stuff out in your area that I love checking out – we were just at The Red Rabbit and The Old Sledworks in Duncannon today and I can’t wait to get the Hain Shoe House on the Retro Roadmap!

  • I have photos of it when it was the Lincoln Diner.

    • I took a few photos of the diner itself but it was long closed by the time we got there. Definitely going to make it back for a meal and more photos! Larry, do you know how long it has been called Mel’s vs Lincoln?

    • Roseanne Silas

      do you still have the photos?

  • Get Out!!! I was at the Red Rabbit this afternoon!!!!

    • You’re kidding me! We were there btw 12:30-1:30 I think, I’ll have to check my photos. Great minds think alike on a beautiful day for a roadtrip, eh!

      • I was there a little after 11:00 am. It may have been the only time I’ve ever been there when the parking lot wasn’t full : )

        It’a a little “junkier” (is that a word? LOL) than it used to be … but they still have the best fries in the world.

        John and I even buy a cup of their “bunny dust” seasoning (literally a soda cup half full of it) nearly every summer because we like it so much. What other restaurant would let you do that??!

        Did you go inside the Sled Factory? I love the old diner/arcade set-up. They yelled at me for taking pics there last year, though (I’m such a rebel)

  • I didn’t know about the bunny dust, but I was totally diggin my bunnyburger! Luckily I didn’t get in trouble for taking photo at the Sledworks b/c I took a bajillion. I wanted to move into the arcade / soda fountain area! Maybe I didn’t get yelled at b/c the soda fountain was closed. If I got yelled at for taking photos I would not post about what a cool place it is, so it’s probably good for them that they did not appear to mind 🙂