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Vale Rio Diner in Phoenixville PA on Blocks and on eBay

Posted on: July 11, 2010

Just read in the local paper here in Phoenixville that the vintage Paramount diner up on blocks around the corner from us, the former Vale Rio Diner, is on sale on eBay. (for $225,000 yowza!) (10/8/10 update – The Val went on eBay again this week for $175,000 but there were no takers)
(this is what it looked like prior to moving, I’ll walk the dog over later to take a photo of it up on blocks today)

It was a sad day in Phoenixville when the diner was moved to make way for a Walgreen’s, and the historic building next door to it was closed to make way for a Starbucks that never appeared.

Here’s what the diner looks like today:

Vale Rio Diner Back(literally today, I just came back from a dog walk where I snapped this photo not 20 minutes ago!)
The fact that the people of Phoenixville cared enough to keep a diner going, as well as a historic movie house and a number of other independent businesses, was one of the deciding factors when Retro Roadhusband and I made the leap to move up here. The existence now of a Walgreens within 200 yards of a Rite Aid within 50 feet of a CVS here in Pville makes me more embarrassed than anything to live here. Luckily we live near and go to the Gateway Pharmacy, locally owned and operated, and I will never spend a cent in any of those chain stores. Harrumph!

Vale Rio Diner Side

Here’s a link to a great writeup about the Vale Rio from local blogger and all around good guy Rich Wilhelm on his blog Dichotomy of the Dog with some cool photos of the diner too.

Not sure what will happen if it doesn’t sell, but I’ll keep you posted.

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  • That really is sad. I hope it finds a loving owner soon.

  • Oh, so sad to see the diner that way. It almost seems undignified to see “her” like that.

    Hope she finds a new home soon.

    • I agree! I drive past her every day, and all I can think is “at least it wasn’t junked” – I’m wondering what will happen if it doesn’t sell on eBay? I can’t imagine they will get that kind of money. Will keep you posted!

  • If those walls could talk ….

  • beth

    Sad all around. I miss the days of Lazy Dog drinking and 2am Vale breakfasts. And you know how I feel about those damn drugstores…gah.

  • Chris

    So sad! I was lucky enough to eat there on their last day in business. I almost choked when the waitress told me it was going to be replaced by a CVS.

  • Paul G

    It’s heartbreaking that Phoenixville has lost a wonderful landmark and gathering place. Throughout my life, the Val was the place to go for a good breakfast after a date, a great meal with the family, or a good cup of coffee. Sadly, so much of our P’ville heritage and history is being lost. The wonderful mural on the side of Steel City, at Main and Bridge, that describes so much about our town is going to be replaced by a rediculous, stylized painting of a phoenix in various shades of grey! I have always hoped that the Val would be resurrected somewhere in Phoenixville, but I suspect she’ll be bought and shipped far away. I hope whoever gets to visit our grand chrome lady, can feel the warmth of all the memories left behind by the people of Phoenixville.

    • Paul- I couldn’t agree with you more about the state of some of the great stuff in Phoenixville -including the Vale and the mural. We can only hope for the best, and be able to do what we can to work towards a town that appreciates its history while moving forward as well.