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Retro Road Maps not loading – but don’t panic – There’s the Retro RoadMAPS page!

Posted on: February 19, 2011

Good morning folks – I just happened to notice randomly that none of the maps embedded at the end of my posts appear to be…appearing! Not sure why this is happening, and I’m off to retro road trip out to Harrisburg so there’s no time to don my IT hat.

In the meantime, if you need to see the maps of all the cool vintage and retro places we’ve visited, there’s the RetroRoadMAPS tab, linking to all of the maps we’ve created so far. So there’s no excuse for not visiting someplace cool and old on this loverly weekend!

Here’s a link to the Retro RoadMAPS page

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  • Where are you off to? I’m headed for Atomic Warehouse this afternoon 🙂

  • OH funny! We were possibly going to stop there, but now that you’re covering that beat, we’ll let you have it!

    We’re heading to a benefit at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center tonight so we’re heading out via some vintage clothes shopping in Lancaster, then maybe the Watch & Clock museum in Columbia, and someplace to eat in H-burg – diner? pizza? not sure, but I always have more pins in my map then hours in the day.

    Watch out – it’s WINDY out there!!!

  • Oh, do make sure to visit Atomic Warehouse! You’ll love it!

    Oh, since you’ll be in Midtown, check out the MidTown Cinema (not vintage … but cool) and the Midtown Scholar if you haven’t been there yet. Also, there is an army/navy store beside Midtown Scholar that might be promising 🙂

    You’re right – it’s VERY WINDY today.