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Don’t Hate Me – We’re Heading to Key West, Florida

Posted on: March 2, 2011

When it rains it pours here at RetroRoadmap HQ – and March is a busy travel month for us!You Are Now Leaving Key West FloridaYou all know about our Retro Roadmap Roadtrip to Austin TX but I may have forgotten to mention that it’s sandwiched between a long weekend in Key West (paying gig for RetroRoadhusband’s day job as a musician) and on the other end a weekend up in Boston (for RetroRoadmum’s birthday). I’ll be posting as much as I can, and scouting out RetroRoadmap-worthy places at every opportunity!

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  • Oh, oh, oh! In Key West you gotta see Michael McCloud.

    I’ve never been to Boston but I’m betting that, with the Key West, Austin, Nashville lead in, you’ll have worked up an outstanding version of Happy Birthday by the time you get there.

  • rick

    Flying or driving?

  • Mark Eichelberger

    Hey Mod Betty,
    If you are driving down to Key West (and everyone should do this at least once in their life), be sure to check out this website before you go. There are a couple of Tiki bars on the route, including the big one on Islamorada. Enjoy!

    • Mark – thanks for the link – we did indeed drive down from the airport- and someone else was driving so it was cool to look out the car windows on the way down. Only bummer being that we could not stop for photos as we had to get to the gig. Having a blast down here and testing out the new RetroRoadcamera, so I should have photos a plenty of KW!