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Whataburger – Family Owned and Operated Since 1950

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Who can resist an A Frame with orange and white stripes? Not me!


Here’s the outside:

Whataburger is a Texas burger chain with a very tasty cheeseburger – I should’ve got the junior though, I’m stuffed!

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    There used to be one of these in Mesquite, TX (just outside Dallas) too!

    • There seemed to be a bunch of them that I saw on our journeys, so I felt like I wanted to check it out before we headed back home where there were none. The burger I got was delicious Loved the grilled/ toasted bun), and they even bring it to your table for you when it’s ready, following that up with a visit with a tray of ketchup, napkins and other things you might need. I think that might be a leftover from their car-hop days but it was a nice touch. I’m about burgered out on this trip though!