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Where to Retro Road Trip on Memorial Day Weekend? Help Us Decide!

Posted on: May 25, 2011

I’ve got a dog-free Saturday coming up which means…ROADTRIP!! Granted we will most likely keep within the confines of Pennsylvania, but what direction should we head in?!

As you can see, we’ve been to a lot of vintage and cool old places in PA, and they’re all listed on the Pennsylvania RetroRoadMAP:

View PA – Pennsylvania Retro RoadMAP in a larger map
But where to go? What to discover? Sometimes the options can be overwhelming!

Should we head North to Wyoming, PA for a slice – oops I mean “cut” of that tasty Victory Pig Pizza?
Victory Pig Barbecue Pizza Curb Service

Head West to check out Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum in Ortanna, PA?

Head South to get a new Hex Sign at Jacob Zook’s in Paradise, PA? Who wouldn’t want to go to Paradise?!

Jacob Zook Hex Signs

Get a frozen custard at Massey’s Frozen Custard in Carlisle, PA?

Frozen Custard from Massey's

Or grab a patriotic flag at Deals in Media, PA?
five and ten fourth of july

Or maybe discover one the many Retro Roadmap-worthy places around that we don’t have on the map. So exciting to think of the possibilities!

Where are YOU retro road tripping this holiday weekend?

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  • Glad to see that your visiting the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. Well since i live in this great state and since memorial day is on Monday, id say a trip to Gettysburg would be in order. Then if you have time drive up to Lancaster for some Amish farmland picture taking which you can use for your site. Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon county.

    • Richard- Gettsburg is on our list for sure! And since we live in PA ourselves I love how there are all sorts of cool old vintage places yet to discover, practically in our own back yard.

  • the victory pig pizza sounds like fun!

    • It sure does, but I realized I wanted to bring RetroRoadhusband along to try it with me. I actually did have a RetroRoadmap worthy adventure yesterday so it’s a good weekend!