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What a Fun Day at Blobfest – I’m Beat!

Posted on: July 9, 2011

Thanks to all the Retro Roadfolks who came out today- and a big Howdy to everyone who is checking out Retro Roadmap for the first time!
Vintage Souvenirs Blobfest RetroRoadmap

I’m gonna rest my weary Keds but will be back on track sharing more of the vintage, retro and cool old places worth visiting as soon as I recover!

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  • Paul G

    Went to Blobfest today, and who did I see among the monsters? Why it was none other than the lovely Mod Betty! It was great to meet her in person and tell her how much I enjoy, and she was gracious enough to pose for a photo with me! I bought a copy of Diners of Pennsylvania and got it signed by Kyle Weaver while I was there, and plan to spend the evening enjoying the great diner photos and diner tidbits in the book.

    • Paul – thanks so much for coming out to Blobfest, and it was swell to meet you! I have to say it was very flattering when folks would interrupt my explanation of Retro Roadmap to let me know that they were already Retro Roadmap Readers- it makes the heart swell (especially since this is a labor of love, and not a paying gig).

      Hope you enjoy your copy of Diners of PA – I find it a great resource and love all the new color photos.

      Always happy to meet a Retro Roadmap Reader in person!

  • Kyle

    Betty, I was another one that interrupted you to let you know I was already a fan! Thanks for the website, it’s how we found out about Blobfest in the first place and this year was our second time there in a row. Next year when I finally remember to get “run out” tickets ahead of time before they sell out it will finally be a perfect trip.

    Thanks for recommending some places to eat, and I’m thrilled that I received the first copy of the diner book signed by both authors. I look forward to reading it cover to cover when I recover from the trip. 🙂


  • Kyle- I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to have folks come up to the booth and say that they already knew about Retro Roadmap, and oh boy I’m glad my write-up got you to go to Blobfest!

    We’ve never done the runout ourselves (after 6-7 Blobfests) but we’ve got to get our tix too!

    Diners of PA is a great book – enjoy!