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Lancaster County PA Roadside Stand Find – Featherstone Flamingos!

Posted on: July 10, 2011

These will look perfect in front of the newly stuccoed Hacienda!

Featherstone Pink Flamingos in Box

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  • I can read “Union Products” on the box and looks like “Cado” underneath? Cado is the latest producer of the original Featherstone flamingo.

    When I heard the Union Products factory in Leominster, MA was closing years ago, I bought a pair before speculation pushed the prices too high, figuring this was the end of the genuine Don Featherstone pink flamingo. But, happily, they are still produced… in the good ol’ USA!

    • I had heard that Union was going to start making just the flamingos again – since they’re from Leominster MA I have a bit of home-state pride to know that they’re from there. I also have a cute watering can shaped like a pink elephant that looks like the same color as their flamingos, so (without having it right in front of me) I am assuming it was made by them as well.

  • They have some of these at Garden Ridge. I’m seriously considering buying some for my front line.