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New Years Resolution – Read those Vintage Magazines!

Posted on: December 28, 2011

I know it isn’t the new year just yet, but with almost 200 magazines in my collection I thought I’d start early! 20111228-212211.jpg

Now which one should I start with? Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen Ideas for
1958 sounds good to me! Perhaps it will give me some inspiration for The Hacienda!

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  • George

    Isn’t it ironic that those older kitchens with just the basics were used to cook more real meals for larger families than today’s show pieces which are basically used to reheat leftover take out?

    • I agree George! They say that the big stand mixers that go for almost $300 are quite the status symbol today too. The 1958 Kitchen issue is definitely a keeper. such great colors!

  • Jen

    Oh, that looks like a beautiful kitchen! Ours isn’t a showpiece, but I do love to cook in it (though maybe not clean up the mess I make doing so…). I do hope you share some of the fun stuff you find in these, especially any backyard/patio stuff!

    • Jen – I know, isn’t it gorgeous?! And what a great idea – I promise to go through the issue and share photos of the things that caught my eye. And there were a lot! One of the main things was the exact same metal cabinets that we have in our vintage kitchen.

      Last night I was reading Holiday magazine from 1965, and now I want to go on vacation – back in time!