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The Famous Strawberry Pie at the Kumm Esse Diner Myerstown PA

Posted on: February 14, 2012

Finally tried the famous strawberry pie at the Kumm Esse Diner- nom!20120214-211956.jpg

Retro Roadhusband was pleased with his turkey croquettes (their Own Make). PA Dutch comfort food at its best!

Also wanted to point out to the diner fans out there that they have the cantilevered counter seats here and some interesting architectural details.


Read about my first visit here for Retro Roadmap in 2009

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  • Great diner! Can’t believe you didn’t snap a pic of the sign, which prominently features their strawberry pie. You know the pie is good when it gets that kind of billing!

    • AP – no lie – I was totally planning on snapping a photo of the sign, so folks not familiar with the diner could see why I got the strawberry pie, but they Shut The Sign Off while we were eating! We had scurried in before they closed so I guess I couldn’t blame ’em. The link to the 2009 article has a nice daytime shot of the distinctive sign, and now I know next time we’re in the area after dark to snap a photo before they close 🙂

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