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It’s a 1970s Slideshow at The Hacienda Tonight!

Posted on: March 10, 2012

Mod Betty doesn’t need much of an excuse to invite folks over, so “hey I found some slides on someone’s trash heap – wanna watch ’em?!” works for me!

20120310-112011.jpgCan’t wait to use some of my vintage serving pieces – especially the ones that don’t get used at the holidays or our annual luau. AND it’s a good excuse to clean up the Hacienda.

Now what 70s snappy apps to make? Decisions, decisions 🙂

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  • Beth, I wish I was a lot closer! I could bring some slides my grandfather took in the 1950s and 1960s… in Airequipt metal magazines!

    • Glenn! That sounds like you’ve got some cool stuff!. We don’t know these folks, but they seemed to have fun at Disney, Seaworld and the tall ships.

      Have a party yourself- it’s the latest thing 🙂

  • Ohhhh….Mr. Modtomic has a TON of vintage ’60s -’80s slides and a couple projectors too! I need to set my screen up outside this spring for a slide party! Thanks for the reminder! I DO wish I had an automatic advance projector though. I’m not gonna want to sit there and press that button all night.

    • Mr. Modtomic – I can’t recommend more highly that you do just that – and invite us too of course 😉

      And actually, it worked out well that we sat close to the projector because I had put many of the vertical slides in upside down, so they had to be flipped. And ours doesn’t really do the auto focus either, so we manually sharpened it, and it was CRAZY to see all the details that were picked up.

      Funny thing is, I had a lot more slides from this family, from overseas vacations and such but I gave them away. Now I feel like they’re kind of part of the Retro Roadfamily!