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Random Retro Roadmap Saturday Fun Stuff

Posted on: May 12, 2012

Hey kids! It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday, and while I hope to hunker down at some point and do some official writing of posts, sometimes you gotta enjoy life while it happens. So you may get a post or two from the road, or a yard sale today. But before I go out and play here are a couple of random things that I think you might be interested in!

Today is Burt Bacharach’s birthday! He’s a fave here around the Hacienda – right up there with Herb Alpert, and we listen to his records on the hi-fi many a Sunday morning.

We also have a special fondness for him in Phoenixville in general, as he’s the composer of the Theme to The Blob!

You may recall that one of the many things that we love about our little town is that the 1958 classic campy horror movie The Blob starring Steve McQueen was filmed right here in our area, with the great “running out” scene filmed at my home away from home The Colonial Theatre just down the street.

Every year we have a Blobfest, and re-enact that scene that I like to call The Running of The Blob – I’ve never managed to run out, but it sure is fun to watch!

In other, stinkier news, I read last night that Retro RoadInspiration Debra Jane Seltzer of was in a car accident during her recent mega 39 day road trip. She and her 4 dogs are OK, but her trusty van Sparkle now has thousands of dollars in repairs that need to be done. Blah!

Debra Jane Seltzer RoadsideArchitecture Van Accident

DJS has amassed probably one of the largest collections of roadside photographs of vintage signs, mid century buildings, roadside oddities and more- and she does it all on her free time and with no subsidizing from anyone. She’s a gal with a mission, and we all benefit from her commitment to “the cause” of documenting these vanishing treasures an sharing her finds with all of us – on her site  or blog or Flickr page.

Debra Jane Seltzer and her Dogs

I don’t want to make a heavy handed plea for money for her – heck I can barely do that for my own site – but if you think what she’s doing is valuable and have enjoyed following her blog or viewing her photos, why not say Thank You by donating a few dollars to help get her back on the road? Here’s a link on her website where you can Paypal her any amount you’d like. I can’t help but think it’s good karma, but that’s just me.

Speaking of good karma, I hope the Yard Sale gods are with me this morning, because as soon as I finish typing up this post I’m blowing off my morning workout so I can get in some good thrifting! I don’t need a damned thing but I love the thrill of the hunt, especially when you come across such great finds as this collection of glasses I picked up recently.

Schmoooooth! I’m hoping to find a few more saucers so I can complete my Plate Border on our Hacienda patio (yes for all of my love of the road I also love hanging around our little pad and making it look adorable.) Wish me luck!

Prepping the Border


I’ll be posting photos from today’s adventures on the Retro Roadmap Facebook Page so swing on over there to tag along.

And how could I ever forget that today is the day that Retro Roadhusband returns from Nashville, or that I need to pick up dresses from the tailor, soap from the farmers market, go see our pals play some rockin music at the Celtic fest down the street and then see RRH play bass with Jeffrey Gaines and a whole host of other Philly rockers tonight? Too Much Fun! (and caffeine this morning ;-))

OK now, the more I type the more treasures I may miss, and Retro Roaddog is totally giving me the eye saying Lets Go Walk!! Check in with you all later and hope you have a swell Saturday!

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  • Hey Mod Betty,
    That plate border is a great idea, I may have to try something like that. Sometime you have to post more about your patio, it looks very cool!

    • Uncle Atom – I got the inspiration a few years ago from a friend of mine and have for the longest time been trying to acquire plates that would work well. I could never find enough dinner plates that I liked, and while I’ve got a gajillion souvenir plates, I can’t see using them for this project. Then I realized that saucers would be perfect! Just the right size AND no one is ever looking for / using saucers so they can usually be had for cheap/free.

      I will be thrilled to share photos of the patio once we’re done with it and I can actually decorate – I realized as I was about to start this project that we’re having construction done on the garage starting in a few weeks and the last thing I want to do is to have a workman stomp on my border by accident, so I’ll have to put it on hold. But I’m still on the lookout for more solid colored saucers in those cheery vintage colors, so if you see any, think of me!

  • It is nice of you to post about Sparkle’s accident. I had never seen Debra’s blog and now I’m hooked!

    • Lizzie – I’m so glad you could discover Debra’s world- she’s been doing the “retro road photo” thing for quite a while and her website is probably the single largest resource I know of for cool old signs, buildings etc. I love that she does this and that she takes her four pooches along with her. Always a treat to ride virtual shotgun with her, glad you’re on board now too!