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Blobfest 2012 Coming to Phoenixville’s Colonial Theatre on Friday the 13th – 15th!

Posted on: June 30, 2012

That’s right – not only is Phoenixville home to Retro Roadmap Headquarters, but also the magnificent Colonial Theatre where the famous running out scene in the 1958 movie The Blob was filmed.

Come celebrate  all things Blob with us on the weekend of Friday July 13th at Blobfest! Here’s a video from a Blobfest from a few years back, and this year is shaping up to be just as fun!

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  • David Hebb

    I first visited the Colonial in 1990- Problem Child was playing-worst movie I ever saw. When I asked the owner about restoring the marquee he responded “Who cares?” (I do- as did a couple behind me who asked about the Blob). Still the theater almost made up for the movie. Spent the night at a roach infested Vincent Motel . A few years later when I went back the owner seemed surprised by my previous experience. I checked out the room before committing with the owner’s dalmatian (a good sign) and it was fine. Dinner/breakfast at the Vale-Rio. Still Phoenixville needs more motels.
    Nice to see the theater’s restoration and new booking policy- last visit there were several good films playing, though I didn’t stay- did have my last lunch at the Vale-Rio, then pushed on to N.J. Hope you have the Criterion Blob dvd- many great bonus features.

    • David – Thanks for sharing! I do think that if you visited The Colonial now you’d be pleased with the dedication of the people who work there as well as the 150+ volunteer staff, we all love the theatre and want to see it become the best it can be!

      I agree with you on the motel front, as we sometimes are asked to recommend places for out of town guests. Like many independent businesses mom & pops Motel don’t tend to fare well versus the chains.

      Blobfest is coming up – come on down!