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Why Have a Vintage Collection? So Much Fun to Organize!

Posted on: October 1, 2012

One cool thing about collecting stuff – at least for me anyways, is organizing the things I’ve collected.

Vintage Magazine Collection

While nothing beats the “thrill of the hunt” I always try to make sure I’m not just an accumulator, but also an enjoyer of what I’ve collected. Like my collection of vintage magazines, I am going to make sure I leaf through at least each one of them, keep the ones I like, then Etsy here they come!

If you’re used to organizing amd sorting things online – like music,photos,spreadsheets., the crazy thing to think about with tangible items is you can only organize them one way at a time. So for example I had my magazines in piles by year, but I could also sort them by month, decade, or title.

If I come across anything Retro Roadmap worthy, I promise to share!

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