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Our Fun New Jersey Adventure Sunday! {PHOTOS}

Posted on: January 12, 2014

Hello Retro Roadmap Readers!

We drove to New Jersey today and while it was too chilly to be hopping out of the car to take a ton of photos, here’s what we did:

Picked up some fabric at J&O Fabric in Pennsauken, for some Mod Betty dresses for the warmer weather!
Mod Betty Dress FabricIsn’t this just perfect for me? I also bought some that will look darling for our trip to Palm Springs in a month – can’t wait!

Lunch at Anthony’s Pizza Town, Bordentown NJ – had to stop b/c of that cool sign!
Anthony's Pizza Town Bordentown NJThough it’s pretty young as far as Retro Roadmap worthy places (opened in 1976) we still enjoyed our pizza, surrounded by photos of elvis posted on the orange tile walls. There are a bunch of pizza places in this neck of the woods, we’re trying to sample them all. Cash only if you decide to stop here!

BOWLING at Papp’s Bowling on Route 130 in Bordentown – OMG Mod B loves this place!

Papp's Bowling Bordentown NJThere will be a bigger better writeup on this place soon, but if you’re in this neck of the woods – make time to stop and bowl!

Vintage record shopping at The Record Collector – Bordentown NJ:
Beatles The Record Collector Bordentown NJ We love these guys, not only because they sell cool records and CDs but they also have awesome live shows in their store, with a stage set up and everything! Hoping to get Retro Roadhusband a gig there soon.

And that’s the fun we had today- what is on your Retro Roadmap?



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  • Donna Fisher Wilhelm

    How cool! Love the fabric! (I didn’t know you sewed!) We don’t have much on tap to do in the near future, but I hope to get to Sine’s 5 & 10 and that ginormous record store (I think it’s called George’s) in the spring.

    • RetroRoadmap

      Donna – I’m all thumbs when it comes to sewing but a cool pal of mine has agreed to help me out with the Mod Betty dress. Kelly of Velveteen Lounge Kitschen did a prototype for me a couple of years back that I love, and now I’m looking to make them my signature style 🙂

  • Gunnar

    England’s Phenomenal Pop Combo well represented…fab!

    • RetroRoadmap

      Meet The Beatles is a touchstone album in my life. And with my last name you should not be surprised 😉

  • Joanne Hanhauser Decembrino

    I cant get over that material….. it is PER-FECT for Mod Betty! A simple 1960’s shift? I lost time in the fabric store the other day…. wish I had more time to sew…. Did you score anything fun at the auction the other day? My favorite area of Rices flea market in Bucks Co. are the back tables…..full of junk aka hidden treasures.

    • RetroRoadmap

      Joanne – I’m all about the shifts – no matching of tops and skirts, throw it on and you’re good to go!
      We didn’t score anything but it was fun to look. If anything we need to pare down what we have in the Hacienda, so we’re only tempted by things that really really stand out. I’ve not been to Rices but our pal Todd Kimmell from the Grand Review has set up there some times, we’ll have to put that on our list to check out. Thanks for the reminder!

  • fuzzylizzie

    That is such a fun fabric, and perfect for a Mod Betty shift!

    • RetroRoadmap

      Lizzie – I went a bit nutty at the fabric store as there were quite a few patterns I liked. There was one 50’s type “novelty print” that I thought would make good pajamas – I thought you would like so I snapped a photo.

  • Candi

    I have those albums !! LOL At least they could sing not like the robot group that won a grammy! Candi

    • RetroRoadmap

      I love Meet The Beatles, so I was glad to see it right in the middle. And while I’m not a big fan of scary robots, I confess that I find the Get Lucky song Wicked Catchy!

  • Ed Cockburn

    I love the material you found. It reminds me of my Route 66 trip. We visited the Big Texan and watched someone try to eat a 72oz steak dinner (he failed). We also went to the Midpoint Café and had a photo-op at the Wigwam hotel but didn’t stay there (a big regret). The trip was a blast. I also love retro bowling alleys. My son bowls in a youth league and we have visited a few retro alleys which he now calls “groovy”.

  • Ed Cockburn

    It was the best vacation we’ve ever taken. There was so many great things to see and amazing mom and pop places to eat. We met the nicest people too. I love your site. It gives me so many ideas for the next cool place to visit. Keep up the great work!