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Retro Roadmap Named #1 Favorite Travel Blog – Newsletter – Magazine by

Posted on: March 4, 2014

Seasoned travel writers Larissa and Michael Milne of tell  Johnny Jet that Retro Roadmap is their #1 favorite travel blog!

Travel Style  Larissa and Michael Milne   Johnny Jet

Read their entire Travel Style post on  here, and thanks you guys!

Travel Style Larissa and Michael Milne Johnny Jet Header

Always nice to know when folks are able to find the cool old vintage places because of Retro Roadmap! 🙂




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  • fuzzylizzie

    Yea!! You are No 1 in my book as well.

    • Mod Betty /

      Aw, thanks hon! Love having you as my vintage clothing resource! I learn so much!

  • Jen B

    Congratulations, that’s terrific!

    • Mod Betty /

      Thanks Jen B- every little bit helps 🙂

  • Markus El Hifnagl

    Also Nr 1 in mine!

  • JC Sahil

    I’m planning a trip and these blogs really help! Thanks for sharing. Keep update….

    • Mod Betty

      So glad you’re finding this helpful! Where is your trip to? Anything we can do to help you visit and support more cool vintage places, let me know!