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Retro Roadmap Video Kickstarter Launched – Please Support and Share!

Posted on: March 20, 2014

Hey Gang – Mod B has taken the leap and started a Kickstarter campaign to make a years worth of Retro Roadmap videos about the cool vintage places still around, in the hopes that the awareness will keep them and places like them alive!

Click Here To Pledge to the Retro Roadmap Video Kickstarter

Retro Roadmap Video Series by Beth Lennon

The Kickstarter campaign goes until April 18th and the only way I get the funds to make the videos is if the goal is reached. No goal reached, no videos made. So please support at the level you can, and please share the link with friends, family, Facebook and anyone else you think wants to save cool old vintage places.


Mod B

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  • fuzzylizzie

    Good luck to you. I hope the goal is met, and quickly!

    • Mod Betty /

      Thanks so much hon, your support means a lot!


    Hi Betty, just sent a little something your way. Good luck with the series!

    • Mod Betty

      Thanks so much, lady! That really means a lot!