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#RetroDelco – Delaware County PA Retro Roadmap Snapshots Retro Roadmap on The Road

Posted on: January 27, 2015

Retro Roadhusband and I have not found much of a reason to visit Delaware County, Pennsylvania but this weekend we made up for lost time! The excuse to see 79 year old guitar legend Charlie Gracie on his home turf was enough to have us fighting commuter traffic on a Friday night and as luck would have it I had a class there the very next day and did a little exploring on the way home and snapped what I could find.

#RetroDelco – Retro Roadmap Delaware County PA

Remember – just when you think you’ve seen everything – take a closer look – there may be things you just never noticed before!

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  • jeannebodine

    Yay Delco! But it hasn’t been the same since we lost the Bazaar of All Nations, our crowning jewel *sobs*. Still, we hung onto retro longer than most, sadly because of poor economic conditions. We still have a few “Ladies Entrance” signs, some well-kept ‘workers homes’ next to abandoned factories and lots of hidden gems when it comes to signage. I should start to capture these things with my camera, at least get something out of these areas that haven’t flourished for 25 years or more. Love your blog!

    • Jeanne – I’ve heard about the Bazaar of All Nations but never had been. Please share any photos you have as I’d love to learn more about what your area has to offer, even if it’s just making sure we document them before they disappear.
      I’ve found that authentic vintage typically either survived in poor economic places because they can’t afford to upgrade, and on the other end, in high affluency places where the folks can afford to pay slightly higher prices to keep the independents going (I sometimes envision that “old money” likes to support the old timey places more than new, but that’s just a guess.)
      It’s the Middle that is such a problem – places that feel like they need to strip away their vintage charm in order to keep up with the Joneses and look modern, or that there’s development that goes into those neighborhoods that plows them down, replacing with bland corporate chains.
      We gotta fight the good fight with what is still around – everywhere! So glad I found the gems in Delco, and thanks for the kind words on Retro Roadmap! xo Mod B