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Mod Betty in Charles Phoenix ‘Addicted to Americana’ Book [Color Me Thrilled!]
[EVENT!] Retro Roadmap Roadbooks at Whole Lot of Lulu 10/14
The Somerville Theatre – Davis Square’s Historic Entertainment Hub!
[EVENT!] Art House Theater Day w/ Mod Betty at BMFI Sunday Sept 24
[EVENT!] Retro Roadbook Signing – Lulu Phoenixville on First Friday!
[EVENT] Retro Roadmap at Old Bridge NJ Library! Sat 9/16 11am
Philadelphia Suburbs Retro Roadmap Roadbook Available Now, with New Features!
[EVENT] Retro Roadbook Signing at 60s Night Waltz Golf Farm!
Philadelphia Inquirer Features Retro Roadmap Photos! [Mod Betty in The News!]
[EVENT] Elvis Clambake at Colonial Theatre & Retro Roadbook Signing!

To Do: Old-Fashioned Fun!

Movie theatres, mini-golf, bowling, drive-ins
amusement parks and old timey fun stuff!

To Eat: Retro-tastic Restaurants and Food!

From car-hops to chop houses, diners and luncheonettes
regional foods and tasty treats!

To Shop: Vintage Shopping!

5 &10’s, gift shops, hardware stores, vintage shops n’ more
From new stuff in old places to old stuff in new ones!

To Stay: Vintage Travel Ideas!

Vintage mom & pop motels, historic hotels, charming cabin courts –
if you want to travel back in time, this is it!

Car Stops and Photo-Ops!

Sights that make  you stop – vintage signs, unusual architecture, oddities and more!

Retro Roadmap News and Messages from Mod Betty!

The Retro Roadmap blog, with the latest and greatest from Mod Betty!

Mod Betty – Your Retro Roadmap Travel Hostess!

Come along on a Mod Betty™ organized event and tours of cool vintage places!