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The Retro Roadmap Shop:

Mod Betty has set up a little Amazon “Pop-up Shop” featuring some of the books she has enjoyed and thinks you might too!



Click here or the photo above to shop the Retro Roadmap Amazon Pop-up Shop, and remember, if you buy these books via this link, Mod B gets a few nickels, nickels, nickels!



NEW Retro Roadmap swag (sweat and t-shirts, caps and more) coming soon! In the meantime, get your free sticker and join the Retro Roadmappers!

Free Stickers
Get your FREE Retro Roadmap Sticker!

Retro Roamdap Oval Logo
3×5 die-cut vinyl – it’s the perfect way to let people know you’re a Retro Roadmapper!

Click here to see where fellow Retro Roadmappers have put their stickers here in the Retro Roadmap Sticker Spotting Gallery! 
Retro Roadmap Sticker Spotting Retro Roadmap

Retro Roadmap Shop:

Retro Roadmap Limited Edition Art Prints

Retro Roadmap photos

See a photo you like on Retro Now you can get a limited edition gallery wrapped canvas art print of it to hang on your wall!

13×19 = $85.00

Retro Roadmap Limited Edition Pennsylvania Book

Retro Roadmap books

Mod Betty is looking to create a Retro Roadmap Roadbook for each state – here’s Pennsylvania – 20 pages all color photos of some of our fave places in PA. Stay tuned for soft-cover, easy to bring along versions of other states coming soon!

Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap book: = $35.00

Retro Roadmap Vintage Souvenir Corner:

Vintage Souvenirs

Have fond memories of a place you visited (recently or decades ago) and don’t have the souvenir to round out your collection? We have a wide selection of vintage souvenirs from many vacation destinations. Our featured collection is plates! If you’re looking for a specific locale, drop us a line and we’ll check our inventory, or be on the lookout for you!

Vintage Souvenir Plates = $20.00 apiece


The Details:

Want to buy something? You’ve got two ways to do it! Either paypal the payment to me at Modbetty AT RetroRoadmap DOT com, indicating what you’re ordering (style, color, size, logo, quantity etc) or you can mail check or cash payment and order info here:
Retro Roadmap
P.O. Box 896
Phoenixville, PA 19460

(To get your FREE Retro sticker, just send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to the address above)

Thanks so much for your support of Retro Roadmap!
Your purchase help pay for hosting and keeping the site going – and spreads the word about the cool vintage place and retro fun  out there!