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Retro Roadmap is your source for information about cool old places that still exist, with a map to make it easy for you to visit them!

Here are some  “Retro Roadmap-worthy” places
you’ll find on Retro Roadmap:

- Vintage diners, restaurants, lunch counters, roadside stands

- Original tiki and polynesian pop restaurants and bars

-  Places to buy vintage clothing, home decor and more

- Classic cocktail lounges and cool dive bars

- Hot rods and vintage cars events

- Old time amusement parks, piers and boardwalks

- Bowling Alleys, miniature golf

- Mom and pop motels, hotels, businesses

- Drive in movie theaters, classic movie theatres

-  Inspiring downtown shopping areas

- Mid century modern architecture

- Rockabilly, lounge, garage, exotica music events

- Neon and cool old signs to photograph

- Vintage vacation and retro road trip destinations

- Events celebrating any or all of the above!

And anything else wonderful and authentic from the past!

Contact us if you have anything you want to spread the word about!