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Ann’s Dari Creme – Glen Burnie, MD A RetroRoadmap Reader Recommendation Glen Burnie, MD

Posted on: May 23, 2009

Our first on the scene reporter Till Eulenspiegel checks in from beautiful Glen Burnie Maryland with this report:

“Ann’s Dari-Creme has been there since 1951. I didn’t start going there until the 90’s, but as I understand it, it is pretty much the same today as it was then.
In the 80’s, they built a shopping mall all around it. I think the mall wanted to buy Ann’s and bulldoze it, but
they wouldn’t sell. Now the mall is starting to fade, but Ann’s is still going strong. I bet the mall will be bulldozed before Ann’s will.”

Famous for their footlong hotdogs as well as their milkshakes and soft-serve ice cream- thanks for the tip, Till!


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  • todd

    One of my favorite places on earth. How this place keeps getting dissed/ignored by all the ‘retro’/’hotdog’/’dinersdives’-type shows on PBS/food/travel is beyond me. Its all of 15 minutes from the airport and if you want to hear proper baltimore-speak theres few better places.

    • modbetty

      Todd- that is why we love the reader submissions at Retro Roadmap- if a place is Retro Roadmap worthy we’ll totally add it to the collection. And I loves me some Bawlmer-ese, hon!

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  • Rich & Linda Filkins

    We just bought three chili footlongs ($2.95 ) with fresh onions, mustard and extra chili and one order of fries ($1.30). Drove 15 min to our home and were enjoying with home cole slaw and diet dew in a few minutes. Never had a better chili dog anywhere in the midwest, south or mid-atlantic/northeast! Always wondered too why it has not made the PBS Pittsburgh hot dog shows.

    • oooh Rich and Linda, that sounds delish! Just think, the quality folk know to check Retro Roadmap, and if the PBS hot dog show had mentioned Ann’s then the lines would be out the door! Thanks so much for swinging by and getting me hungry for chili dogs and fries!

  • This is in my territory. I have had these dogs on a monthly basis since I was about 5 years old. They were “holdouts” in the mid-1980’s when the developement of a mall surrounded them. No way were they going to give in. It is now incorporated into the parking lot, but the building is property of the owners af Ann’s, not the mall owners. My favorite comfort food now that Little Tavern Hamburgers is no more.

    • Norm – I love hearing about the stubborn holdouts! Glad the dogs have treated you well all these years. We’ll have to stop by next time we’re in the Bawlmer area!

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