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Betsy’s Diner Falmouth MA – a Retro Roadmap Reader Recommendation! Falmouth, MA

Posted on: October 1, 2010

  • Phone: (508) 540-0060

Here’s a little birthday present to my pal Lori- her first post on Retro Roadmap!

On the first good weather day during our rainy Cape Cod vacation this summer, my family and I were lucky enough to find Betsy’s Diner in Falmouth, MA for a well deserved diner lunch – thanks to none other than my friend, ModBetty herself!
Betsy's Diner

Falmouth is a quintessential Cape Cod town with a bustling main street filled with shops, restaurants, cafes and bookstores.  At the end of Main Street sits Betsy’s Diner.  An authentic 1950’s shiny metal diner with an even more authentic interior with chrome and pink stools at the counter. (Mod Betty adds, Betsy’s is a 1957 Mountain View, originally known as the Peter Pan diner in Kuhnsville, PA and was moved to this current site in 1992)

Vintage pink floor and stools

We arrived at 1:50 in the afternoon only to discover that the diner closes at 2PM!  (We found this odd, especially coming from New Jersey where diners are plentiful and open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond.) We were greeted at the door and we asked if lunch was still being served.  We were assured that it was and were taken to a table.

What to eat? What to eat?

Because of the recommendation of MB, I requested a table on the other side of the diner (Mod Betty adds, Lori had expressed her love of vintage formica kitchen tables to me, so I knew she’d dig the addition to the diner, and as you can see, I was right!)…..I LOVE vintage chrome and enamel table and chair kitchen sets…and this place is full of them.  My favorite!

Waiting for our food to arrive, I began taking in the ambience of Betsy’s.  The authentic vintage tables and chairs really make this place special.  Neon signs adorn the walls, along with colorful glassware and a large painted mural.  The dining room is a bit “tight” but we were comfortable.

Neon Betsy's

Our food arrived quickly and we were overwhelmed at the size of the portions!  Salads are huge with nice fresh ingredients.  My husband got the “Working Man’s Special”……a large plate of macaroni and cheese with four large pieces of linguica on top.  I went for the Fried Clam strip lunch.  An incredible amount of food, very tasty…but too much!
Clam Strip Lunch!

As we ate our lunch I was happy to realize that we would most likely be the last customers in the dining room for the day.  This would give me the opportunity to snap some photos of EMPTY tables and chairs!  The wait staff was busy cleaning and resetting the tables and booths that are around the perimeter of the dining room, but again they were very friendly and accommodating.

Green and Viney

We found Betsy’s Diner to be busy, clean, quaint and all around yummy.  The menu is large and from what I could tell, all portions are huge no matter what you order.  I have a feeling that their breakfast meals are probably fantastic.  Next time we visit Falmouth we will most definitely re-visit Betsy’s to find out!


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