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MOVED – Bond 45 – New York City New York, NY

Posted on: May 25, 2009

January 2016 UPDATE! Bond 45 temporarily closed – moving location?

Now here’s a small world update:  

Bond 45 – the restaurant named after the Bond Clothing store that was once located where the restaurant now is, has closed to move. 

But! They are still keeping the restaurant name Bond 45 (even though they won’t be in the old Bond location Or on 45th, go figure)

AND- the location they’re moving to? Well it’s the location that the beloved Edison Cafe was unceremoniously kicked out of last year, and has been vacant ever since. 

Their website currently says that they’re planning on reopening at the new location some time this March, so when I get word of that I will update the map location. 

Ch-ch-changes 🙂

As the guide from the Dorothy Parker Walking Tour that I went on recently so aptly put it, “In New York, Real Estate is Everything”. Since the money that can be made from a location, location, location can be astounding, this reality of realty makes it difficult to find places that still exist from the eras that we have such a fondness for.

One place that manages to straddle the lines between history and commerce is Bond 45 Restaurant. While we only had a drink at the bar during our visit, this would be a place where I could see us getting dinner before heading to a Broadway show, and pretending we were “back in the day”.

Bond 45 Restaurant New York City

Located on 154 West 45th, Bond 45 is built on the site of The Hammerstein Theatre where the Ziegfeld Follies began. Later and probably more famously it was Bond clothing store, and made history when its sign was in the background of the famous “World War II Sailor Kissing Nurse” photo:

Sailor Kissing Girl

Though you would not know it by looking at it, the current incarnation as restaurant Bond 45 has only been around for the past 6 years or so. Dark wood, sepia lighting, tile floors, vintage bar back, the place evokes the city as it was during the first half of the last century.

The fare is Italian, and portions are generous from what we could see whizzing by us as we ponied up to the bar for an afternoon cocktail. Keeping in style with the place I had a very tasty Whiskey Smash, cousin of the Mint Julep, my drinking partner opted for a more current Brooklyn Lager.

Whiskey Smash

Sitting at the bar, looking at the reflections of the couples and families in the smoked mirror behind the bar, I could not help but feel if but for a moment, that I had been transported back in time, back to Old New York.

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