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Bubbling Brook Restaurant and Ice Cream Westwood MA – A Walk Down Memory Lane Westwood, MA

Posted on: May 11, 2011

From the comments on my photo of Bubbling Brook in Westwood MA I know I’m not the only one with fond memories of this seasonal restaurant and ice cream stand nestled in the suburban greenery southwest of Boston. Open since 1951 from mid-May to Mid-September a visit to The Brook is a sign summer has begun!

Bubbling Brook Restaurant(The 1897 on the chimney refers to the year that Westwood became a town,
separating from Dedham. Now you knows!)

Bubbling Brook has a full service restaurant where you can order your favorite summertime treats – mine being the tender, “belly” fried clams they’re locally famous for. So of course when we took RetroRoadmum there for Mothers Day I had to partake of this regional delicacy which is on the top of my list of best foods ever.

Fried Clams

They also have daily specials like meatloaf, franks and beans, mac and cheese and their burgers (ordered by RetroRoadsis and my niece) looked mighty tasty as well. A lobster roll was on the top of my list as well, maybe next time!

Hamburger with Relish

Bubbling Brook was a place we’d sometimes go with Grammy Lennon and Mimi. They’d have a mocha frappe and maybe a lobster salad roll, and we could not wait ’til after the meal so we could get ice cream and sit on the picnic tables under the trees and lick a cone on a hot summer day. They have hard ice cream at one window, soft serve at another, and remember, you can only order ice cream inside AFTER you’ve had your meal. Talk about an old time place!

Picnic Table GroveIt was a bit brisk when we visited there, but the throngs of people waiting for tables inside, ready to celebrate not only Mothers Day, but that summer is starting in New England – whether the weather wants to cooperate or not!

Bubbling Brook Sign(the “sign” that summer has begun!)

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  • I wonder if you do any storys on places in the Lancaster Pa area?. Richard

    • Hello Richard – there are a number of posts on the cool old vintage and retro places in Lancaster County that I’ve come into contact with, but I’m sure I’ve missed some. If you can let me know of any I’d love to add them to the list!

  • Michael

    I live in the Westwood area and I pass BB often. The parking lot is jam packed on weekends and hot summer weekdays!

    It’s a place where generations have gone and enjoy with their family for many year!

    The pictures look good enough to eat! Yummy!

    • Mike – glad to hear its packed, always a good sign for cool old places that we want to make sure stick around. Hope you enjoy some of the food and ice cream during the season!