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Chick & Ruth’s Delly Annapolis MD – Retro Roadhusband Reporting for Duty! Annapolis, MD

Posted on: November 1, 2011

Chick & Ruth’s Delly Annapolis MD – Retro Roadhusband Reporting for Duty!

165 Main Street Annapolis, MD 21401

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It isn’t really “outsourcing” is it, if you ask your husband to stop for a bite to eat on his way to a gig  because you know that Chick & Ruth’s Delly in Annapolis, MD is totally RetroRoadmap -worthy? Since he got himself “one of the most amazing crabcakes of his life” I think he was cool with it!
Front of Delly

I had hoped to be on this jaunt from the Delaware beaches to DC with RRH, but there was a scheduling conflict and he was making the trip solo. We had both eaten at Chick & Ruth’s a few years ago, and I knew it should be on Retro Roadmap, since it has that same look and mom & pop charm as it did when it first opened in 1965.

Started by Chick and Ruth Levitt, the restaurant is now run by the 2nd generation of their family (with the ScotLaur Inn B&B upstairs named for the 3rd generation!) According to their website they are “the oldest family-owned businesses of their types in the historic district of Annapolis operated by the same family.”
Dinners, Eggs and Party Trays

Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and the famous specialty sandwiches at Chick & Ruth’s are named after politicians, both local and inter/national.

Famous Dishes(I was a tad bummed to see that the wall menu of sandwiches had been updated since the last time we were there -  I much preferred the round dots from our earlier visit!)

I would rather discuss almost anything other than politics (even sports!) but it’s a way of life in Annapolis, and Chick & Ruth’s is often a gathering place for lawmakers when the legistlature is in session. And they even recite the pledge of allegiance every morning at the delly.

governor's office

But getting back to Retro Roadhusband’s visit! He reports that when he arrived the delly was a busy place, but he easily found a place to seat himself and was given a complimentary bowl of pickles. Looking to be filled with a mixture of locals and tourists, he overheard an employee tell someone on the phone that they don’t take reservations, but would do their best to seat their group.

Speaking of the best – Retro Roadhusband splurged and got himself a crabcake sandwich – which as I mentioned above, was “one of the most amazing crabcakes” he’s had in his life. Coming from a Sussex County, DE boy, that’s quite a compliment!

You can see from his photo below that it was “massive, with big lumps of real crab.” According to their website that is over half a pound of crabby goodness right there. Nom!

Crabcake Sandwich(Nom!)

So if you happen to be in Annapolis, or just driving by, stop in at Chick & Ruth’s – and tell ‘em Retro Roadhusband sent you!


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  • Matt Smallwood

    Nah, I don’t think it’s outsourcing to use RRH for your site. You paying him with a fair wage, Betty? :-) I like the little pun at the Governor’s office table, Democrat to the left, Republican to the right. Nice!!

    • Mod Betty

      Well, I do bring him along with me whenever there’s a lot of eating to be done, and he doesn’t seem to mind that, so I think we’re pretty well covered!