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Miss Worcester Diner Lunch Requested by Retro Roadboy – Aunt Mod Betty Swoons! Worcester, MA famed diner

Posted on: April 9, 2010

  • Miss Worcester Diner: Worcester, Massachusetts
  • address: 300 Southbridge St, Worcester, MA 01608
  • Phone: 508-753-5600
  • Info: Cash only

During our visit to Worcester MA last week my Retro Roadkid friendly dining choices of Georges Coney Island hot dogs or pizza from the Wonder Bar were quickly discarded when Retro Roadboy declared he wanted to go to a vintage DINER for lunch, so he could have pancakes!

Not wanting to discourage this wise choice of dining establishments, we agreed wholeheartedly and made our way to the Worcestery-est diner of them all – The Miss Worcester Diner!

Retro Roadkids at the Miss Worcester Diner

This Worcester gem, built in 1948,  has already been mentioned on the Retro Roadmap but would you believe this is the first time that I, Mod Betty had ever eaten there? For years I’d drive past this classic, practically on the site of the Worcester Dining Car Company, and wonder if the place was ever open? This was obviously before I was hepped to that “breakfast and lunch only” diner schedule so popular with New England diners. Still, be mindful – the “Miss Woo” still closes early at 2pm and on this warm sunny Saturday they were closing up shop even earlier, so it probably doesn’t hurt to call.

Miss Worcester Diner Counter

We were glad to see that the counter was wide open so we lined up on the spinny stools and ordered sandwiches for the adults ( my sister and I both got BLTs, I think that’s my fave sandwich ever) and a split stack of pancakes for the Retro Roadkids. Retro Roadhusband was pleased with his reuben. Reubenfar used to be his nome de plume, so that somehow makes sense.

I Can Haz Pancakes Pleeze?I can haz pancakes, plz?

While we waited for our food to arrive Retro Roadgirl and I busied ourselves with a few snapshots, admiring the original marble counter and the sun streaming through the windows.

Retro Roadgirl - Girl Photographer

Our food arrives and we’ve got one happy Roadboy on our hands!

Retro Roadboy and his Diner Pancakes

A good day for RRBoy and one proud auntie who hopes he keeps his love of the roadside diner and pancakes served anytime!