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DJ’s Coffee Shop – Thanks to Yelp We Had a Retro Roadmap Breakfast San Bernardino, CA

Posted on: March 6, 2014

Here’s one way any of you Yelpers out there can easily help keep vintage cool and retro places going – post a photo of their sign and interior along with your food photos! This is how we discovered DJs Coffee Shop in a little out of the way shopping strip in San Bernardino CA.

While Mod B loves to plan and know the cool places to go, it’s always important on a Retro Roadtrip to leave space for discovery. Case in point – I had no idea where we were going to eat breakfast after our stay in the Wigwam Motel, but after a quick search of Yelp, and seeing the post of the sign and counter service we headed up the road to DJ’s.

DJ's Coffee Shop San Bernardino CA  - Exterior and Vintage Sign

The vintage sign that led us to an awesome breakfast – thank you, Yelp!

As soon as we got there we knew it was a locals kind of place, one of our fave kind of places to visit when we’re someplace new. The counter seating with it’s cantilevered seats were full when we got there, but were told to sit anywhere we liked, so we opted for a spacious booth in the main part of the restaurant. This way we could witness the hustle and bustle of the kitchen activity, and catch glimpses of the vintage tile backsplash and wood paneling that confirmed that this place had been around since 1965.

DJ's Coffee Shop San Bernardino CA - Interior and Counter Seating

Once again Mod Betty’s photos give the impression that no one was there, but trust me, it was hoppin!

Since it was a weekday (yay, vacation!) we were able to take advantage of the value-riffic breakfast specials.

DJ's Coffee Shop San Bernardino CA - Breakfast Specials

Look at those portions! Those prices! What a deal.

We dove into our mounds of food quicker than I could snap a photo, so you’ll just have to imagine it. Biscuits, Bacon,Sausage,Eggs,Pancakes, Toast, Gravy on the side. 10lbs gained instantly. Friendly service, quick refills, and very affordable.

DJ's Coffee Shop San Bernardino CA - Since 1965

Now my goal is to have all the cool local authentic vintage places like this on Retro Roadmap, but while I’m still working on that, I appreciate folks who Yelp / Flickr / Blog / Instagram about them, so we all can find them.

Thanks everyone, for making it easier for all of us to support the local mom and pop, and not have to have a generic fast food breakfast while on vacation.It’s a group effort, but well worth it! 

D J Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon