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DK Diner West Chester PA – Under The Green Awning is a Vintage Diner! A Chester County Vintage Diner

Posted on: September 27, 2009

  • address: 609 E Gay St, West Chester, PA 19380
  • Phone: (610) 692-2946
  • web:
  • note: cash only (ATM onsite) Breakfast and Lunch only

2017 Update: We recently started revisiting some of the original “cool vintage places” we started Retro Roadmap with, and are always happy to report when much hasn’t changed.

Our re-visit to the DK Diner in West Chester was spot on as far as tasty lunch, friendly service and vintage ambiance.

Here are a few photos to encourage YOU to check out this 1953 Mountain View built diner!

DK Diner West Chester PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap 2017

Sit at the counter, in a booth, or for larger parties there is an addition in the back (according to the PA Diner Bible aka  Diners of Pennsylvania the addition is from 1955.)

DK Diner West Chester PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap 2017

In my post from 2009 I noted the vintage clock above the kitchen door, and am happy to see it is still there!

DK Diner West Chester PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap 2017

Speaking of “things hanging above your head in a diner” – as you are in the vestibule exiting the diner don’t forget to check out the Mountain View Diner Tag with the diner’s serial number on it:

DK Diner West Chester PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap 2017

Open for just breakfast and lunch, we perused the menu for our meals. Note for purists: The front of the menu mentions that the diner business has been here since 1947, this diner you actually are in is 6 years newer than that. This diner replaced an earlier diner (The Modern Diner according to Diners of PA) so that’s where the discrepancy comes from.

But back to the menu – I got the chicken croquettes and daresay they’re as good as my faves at The Fisherman in Phoenixville!

DK Diner West Chester PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap 2017

One of the kind young folks working at the restaurant told us she thought that the D K in the diner name stood for the names of earlier owners, Davis and Kappy. There’s little I can dig up about that, however in the “things you’ll see below your feet at the diner” you’ll spy their initials inlaid into the ceramic tile floor at the counter:

DK Diner West Chester PA - Pennsylvania - Retro Roadmap 2017

Still cash only, though there is an ATM in the entrance to the addition for your convenience.

Our original post from 2009:

The DK diner in West Chester PA is open from 6am-2:30pm which is why it was always closed whenever we drove by. I don’t know why it took us so long to check it out, except maybe that I was a bit miffed that they were hiding a perfectly beautiful 1953 Mountainview diner under a wacky picket fence hat and awnings. But I decided to look past that aesthetic error and we made our way there on a rare weekend at home, and were happy with what we found.

DK Diner

Our diner breakfasts were plenty big, and they even offered grits as a side order! Retro Roadhusband was impressed with the coffee, and I dug my corned beef hash.

DK Diner diners

There was definitely that homey feeling in the diner, folks at the counter chatting about babies with the people working there, and the hostess was pleasant as can be. Cool old advertising clock above the kitchen door too!