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Donut Dip Donuts W. Springfield MA – A Delicious Detour! West Springfield, MA

Posted on: November 27, 2009

  • Phone: (413) 733-9604

At work this week some kind soul brought in a box of donuts from one of the local shops. Now I love the fact that these donuts are not from a national chain, and of course I could not help myself from eating one (OK, well maybe two) but they pale in comparison to the donuts we got at the Donut Dip in West Springfield MA.

Donut Dip West Springfield MA Neon

Opened in 1957 and owned and operated by the Shields family, Donut Dip is an easy peasy detour off of the Mass Pike or Route 91. I had seen the Donut Dip en route to the Big E Eastern States Exposition, but the last thing you do on the way to the “Big Eat” is stop for food. This time I made a plan not only to go there and have a donut, but get there at a time of day where the pink vintage neon sign would be aglow, just waiting for a photo. So glad we waited!

Walking into the brightly lit shop, one of the counter girls was refilling the tray with cider donuts, sanded with cinnamon sugar goodness.

Donut Dip West Springfield MA SpiceyI didn’t think that donuts would be a hot commodity at 5pm on a Sunday night, but people were coming and going, ordering a dozen here and there, which gave us time to absorb the smells and sights in this vintage donut shop.

Donut Dip West Springfield MA Traveling? Finest! (I love how they still have the same signs above the counters, like in the black and white photo below!)
Donut Dip West Springfield MA History

While we had just eaten a short while ago, we “set our stomachs to Donut” and ordered a couple to test out. It was hard to choose! Taking a page from the Diner Hotline book of Road Eating I decided to see what their honey dipped donut was like, and BOY was I glad I made that choice. The donut was light and airy, with sweet sugary glaze on all sides.

While we wolfed down our donuts  while sitting in the car (that’s the top of the Retro Roadmobile reflecting the sign in the neon shot above) I could not help but glance at the storefront and remember those delicious cinnamon sugar laden apple cider donuts that I saw just a few moments before. Rationalizing that I would not be in the area any time soon, I ran in and got another “for the road”. Who am I kidding? I think it was done before we left Route 5.

If you take a close look at the bag your donuts in, you may spy a bit of Shakespeare, who I never knew was  a donut  fan:

“What Food These Morsels Be!”

They be delicious Donut Dip donuts!

Donut Dip on Urbanspoon

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  • Now you did it! I want to go there! I have never stopped to photograph the place but since I’ve been on flickr, I’ve seen many a photo of it.

    • Larry- at least you have Kane’s nearby to satisfy the craving! I’m in Rehoboth Beach at the moment and without a car, so its bran cereal and skim milk for me as I write about donuts!

  • That’s a really nice shot of the neon lit up reflecting in the car. Kudos!

    • Gunnar- that was making the best of a bad situation- as the car was really in the way of the shot I wanted to take! Luckily it had darkened up enough when we came out of the shop that I really noticed the pink reflection. Thanks for swinging on by!

  • Thanks for swinging by our store! The “Shields” family has owned and operated Donut Dip, Inc. since 1957. Please stop in and say hi!

    • Paul, thanks for swinging by the Retro Roadmap, and I always consider it a happy occasion when I can swing by the Donut Dip! Thanks for making such tasty donuts and especially for keeping the vintage look and wonderful neon sign of yours lit up. It truly makes your shop a destination to stop at.

  • tjmorrill

    Actually the name is Shields and not Sheridan. But otherwise, I thank you for a great profile.