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Elgin Diner Camden NJ – Open For Business! (CLOSED 2013) Camden, NJ

Posted on: May 14, 2010

August 2013 – just got word that the Elgin Diner, that had her grand re-opening just 3 short years ago, is closed again and will most likely be demolished to make way for a dollar store. Mod Betty is crushed. Absolutely crushed 🙁

I wasn’t about to let the fact that it was awful lighting for taking pictures stop me from doing my best to publicize the grand re-opening of the Elgin Diner in Camden NJ. This diner is too pretty to not share, backlighting or not!

The Elgin Diner Open For Business 2010We were in the neighborhood getting one of the Retro Roadcars prepped for our trip to Lake George, and this was a perfect excuse to check out the newly re-opened Elgin Diner. This wonderfully preserved 1958 Kullman diner, named after a watch, had been closed since 2007 but just within the past few weeks has reopened under new ownership.
The New Elgin Diner 2010

I loved the vintage terrazzo floor, marble, woodgrain and sparkle formica and wavy glass table separators. But what I would love best is to see this diner filled up with customers – c’mon gang!

Elgin Diner Dining Room

We almost had the place to ourselves at this odd afternoon hour, and I delighted in taking a few snapshots of the wonderfully clean vintage interior. Our waitresses were pleased and amused that us “out of towners” were so excited about the diner re-opening and kept our drinks and breadbasket full.

Keepin It Bland

(study in beige!)

Our meals were large, plentiful and affordable – WAY more food than I could eat, even though I got what I termed the “old person special” portion of chicken croquettes. This came with mashed potatoes, a vegetable, soup or salad, dessert AND tea if I wanted it. I love the fact that I was asked if I wanted a bag to take home our rolls, since I knew they were just going to throw them away anyways. Nice touch!

Elgin Diner Terazzo Floor

Open 7 days a week from 6am -10pm, we’ll be swinging by the Elgin more! Since the Retro Roadmobile has hit 250,000 miles I think we might be visiting our mechanic more than usual. Here’s a photo of the beautiful red running through the stainless steel, this place must look gorgeous at breakfast time- why don’t you visit and snap a photo for me 🙂

Elgin Diner Side

Update 4/2012 – found this neat video of the cruise nights that used to take place at the diner – what fun!


Elgin Diner on Urbanspoon

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  • Fantabulous! It’s good to see this diner back in biz.

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  • dinerhotline

    Great diner! The only time I was there we ate in the diningroom. Use a little photoshop on that backlit photo, just use shadows and highlights filter in adjustments. It will make the photo pop.

  • Amy

    We ate here today after reading about this diner online. It is beautifully preserved inside and out. I felt like I stepped into the past as soon as I set foot in the diner. Food was good and affordable. Gives me a reason to specifically go into Camden!

    • Amy- your comment totally made my day! thanks for trying out the diner based on it being on the Retro Roadmap and SO glad you enjoyed yourself!

  • madame_dakar

    Elgin Diner was wonderful — thanks for the recommendation!! The “mini” meals (in quotes for good reason!) were cheap and included salad, 2 sides, dessert, rolls, and more food than I could possibly eat in one sitting. Prices are a bit retro, too, which is great.

    • I agree! I had a “mini-meal” and it was more food than I could handle. So glad you enjoyed your visit there!

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