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Famous for Subs since 1946 – White House Sub Shop Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic City, NJ

Posted on: August 20, 2012

Famous for Subs since 1946 – White House Sub Shop Atlantic City, NJ

2301 Arctic Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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When you see a little blue building surrounded by a red and white metal awning with a giant neon sign on the top, you know you’ve gotta pull over – especially when it’s the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City, NJ!

White House Subs Neon Sign
That’s how I felt the first time we saw this tiny place that’s been on the corner of Arctic and Mississisppi since 1946. That was long ago before I had this website (but did exactly what I do now, for fun, sans the sharing on the internet bit.)

I knew that would be a place Retro Roadmap fans would want to check out if they were ever in AC, so I had Retro Roadhusband do some reconnaissance work when he was in Atlantic City for a gig. Ask RRH to go to get a sub / hoagie? Twist his arm! ;-)

The place is teeny tiny – you can order to go (grab a number and wait), wait in line for one of the 8 booths (can be over 1/2 hour or more, with the line snaking out the door and onto the sidewalk) or do what Retro Roadhusband and Holly Moore do – sit at the counter. There you’ll get waitress service and a good look at the menu on the wall.
White House Subs Menu

One thing you’ll note about the subs here at the White House is that they come in Whole and Half sizes. From what internet reviewers report, and Retro Roadhusband attests to, a whole sub is just about 2 feet long-! So you can order a half, or be nice like RRH and order a whole, bringing back the other half to your bandmate.

This is half of a White House Italian with hot peppers and onions. Nom!

HALF a White House Italian Sub!

Here’s a link to their menu where they actually refer to these sandwiches as “submarines”, but even if you call ‘em subs, hoagies or heroes, you’ll know they’re delicious!


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