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Foxy’s Restaurant Glendale CA – A Toaster at Every Table! West Coast Retro Roadmap Report by Keith Valcourt

Posted on: December 15, 2016

I have to admit it, when I was living in New Jersey in the 1990s I took diners for granted. After all they are always around. Always open. Always good and affordable. Once I moved to California, diners became the first thing I missed about living in the Garden State. I started to realize how lucky I was to have had access to such great all night eateries like The Coach House, The Bendix and the Tick Tock Diners all now three thousand miles away.

Finding a restaurant in California that is on the same level of excellence in food, service and atmosphere as the diners in New Jersey has been a bit of a challenge. While many have the ambiance (House Of Pies) they lack the food quality. Others offer a great feel and fine food (Art’s) but the prices sometimes give me sticker shock. I have longed for a place that has the ambiance, feel and taste of a true Jersey diner.

I long no more.

Foxy's Restaurant Glendale CA Photos by Keith Valcourt for

Foxy’s in Glendale, CA is my kinda place. Since 1964 this place has been a home-away-from-home for East Coast (and Eastern European) transplants searching out comfort food. And while it is not a true diner, it is an A-Frame, which is just as cool in it’s own architectural way.

Foxy's Restaurant Glendale CA Photos by Keith Valcourt for

Foxy’s started in 1958 as a small chain of 3 restaurants, and the Glendale location was the first to use the classic A-Frame design.

Foxy's Restaurant Glendale CA Photos by Keith Valcourt for

Courtesy of the great resource you can see photos of the other two buildings that were in the Foxy’s chain, one of which – the Downey location – was also an A-Frame.

Foxy's Restaurant Glendale CA Photos by Keith Valcourt for

The sign outside advertises “Crystal Chandeliers” but that is a bit misleading as there are none in Foxy’s, but there is a separate chandelier lighting store that shares the parking lot.

Little decorative flairs are scattered throughout Foxy’s. My favorite was the antique Victrola in the corner. Not sure if the walker leaned against it belonged to a fellow lunch patron or was just there for show. And yes, they do have a toaster at every table!

Foxy's Restaurant Glendale CA Photos by Keith Valcourt for

The food? The freshest and tastiest diner-type food I have had in years. Just thinking of my chicken sandwich makes my mouth water all over again. And the portion size was hearty. The menu was packed with all your favorites including breakfast all day! A group of 6 of us ate there and it the check came to less than seventy bucks. And that included milkshakes! Milkshakes!

While Foxy’s isn’t open 24/7 like the Jersey diners I remember, when they’re open, you gotta go. I know I’ll be there again real soon. As in for breakfast tomorrow. Yes, the place is that good.

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