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Gather ’round the Algonquin Round Table New York, NY

Posted on: June 19, 2009

From trailer trash to lit’ry class, we bring it all to you here at Retro Roadmap!

For a classy and classic place to knock back a cocktail in New York City, you just can’t beat  the Algonquin Hotel. Famous as the gathering place of the New Yorker literary set in the 20’s (Hello Dorothy Parker, my fave!) The ‘Gonk’ still has that air of elegance as it did back in their day.

The Round Table

There’s more history here than you can shake a book at: Interesting fact for example is that the round table gang  never drank here because of Prohibition but rather dined here for hours on end, seeing who could out wit who. Also I’ll warn you that while the original Round Table has been lost to a past renovation, dining at the oval table under the portrait would still be a momentous treat.

the gonk
A wonderful way to learn more about the area and this era is to take the walking tour of the area sponsored by The Dorothy Parker Society.

You can lounge in the lobby (or lobby in the lounge  I guess)  or stay to dine if you prefer. There’s live jazz, a cat in residency, and fabulous people watching. The luxury of days gone by is in every tile and fixture.

So have a tipple or two, and pretend you’re part of the smart set that put this place on the map. Raise your glass to them all and say, ala Dot Parker:

” I like to have a martini,
Two at the very most-
After three I’m under the table
After four I’m under my host.”