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The Goal Post – Animated Neon Sign Now at Betty’s Bar-B-Q! Animated neon sign gets new life!

Posted on: May 20, 2011

  • Betty's Bar-B-Q / Goal Post Neon Sign: Anniston, Alabama
  • address: 401 Quintard Ave, Anniston, AL 36201

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Update July 2016: thanks to Tiki Kiliki of The Hukilau, we’ve learned that the animated neon sign from the Goal Post sign is now up and viewable at Betty’s Bar-B-Q in Anniston! We haven’t been there so can’t comment on the food BUT if you want to see the sign I’ve added the address onto the post here. Yay!

Goal Post Neon Sign Anniston Alabama Retro Roadmap

UPDATE Jan 2014: Mod Betty doesn’t always get info about the status of places on the map, so I only just found out that sadly the Goal Post closed in September of 2013. In good news, the sign won’t be demolished but instead will be installed at Betty’s Barbecue, owned by the family that originally owned the Goal Post. Read about it here


Our original post from 2011:

We came to the Goal Post Bar-B-Q in Anniston AL mainly because of the great neon sign, but will remember it for our tasty food!

It’s hard to tell from the photo above, but the Goal Post’s sign is an animated neon sign, with the football player’s leg swinging back and forward to kick the lighted football. Multiple neon footballs are lined up in a row, and when they flash in order it looks like the football goes sailing across the small parking lot and onto the roof of this small brick restaurant.

But enough of my yakking trying to describe it, here’s a video of the sign (thanks to Wood Valley Neon on Youtube for capturing it!)

It was a bit of a bummer not to be able to hit this place at dusk and seen the sign ourselves, but since we were there we decided to catch a bite. I was a bit wary of the signs that said it was a smoking establishment when we entered, but no one was smoking while we were there so we were fine. Just wanted to point that out up front in case this is a dealbreaker for folks.

The Goal Post Exterior Anniston AL

The Goal Post is an interesting place, as it looks like a fast food stand from the outside and is decorated with football memorabilia on the inside. I wasn’t sure what to expect BBQ-wise,  but RetroRoadhusband was game to try their offerings. We had yet to get any barbecue on this trip, so now was the time!

Once our food came out we knew we made the right decision to eat here, even though we had stopped for a snack a few hours earlier. Just look at how delicious those ribs are, glistening in the sun- yum! . I had a taste of everything that RetroRoadhusband ordered on the plate below, and it was indeed tasty, but my mind would not rest until I had some pie!

Bar-B-Q at the Goal Post Anniston TX

I was in the South goldangit and I was gonna get me some of that icebox pie I’d seen on many a menu. Now again, this being a casual “plastic chairs and booths” type of place I wasn’t expecting the pie to be the greatest, but I’m telling you, it was divine! Cool, tangy, silky,light, refreshing.  I was totally amazed at how delicious it tasted. Seriously a culinary highlight of our trip, and we ate a lot of food on this drive.

Lemon Ice Box Pie The Goal Post Anniston ALSo go for the sign, stay for the ‘cue and leave room for the PIE!

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  • rick

    I hope ya had yerself some sweet tea…

    • Yep! But I found out early in the trip that sweet tea is too sweet for me, so I started asking for it half and half. Still sweet but not overly so.

  • i lived at fort mc clellan in the mid 70’s my father being in the army, anniston being right outside the gate i wonder why i have no recollection of such a cool sign, any idea how long its has been up?

    • Hello Greg – thanks for swinging by Retro Roadmap! I did a little digging and have found that the sign has been there since the mid 1950s – according to road scholar Debra Jane Seltzer. Here’s a link to her photos (you need to scroll down a bit) – . Enjoy!

  • JJ

    Wow the goal post neon sign is great!! Wish i could see it lit up

    • JJ – ask and ye shall receive! There was a video embedded before but the code got screwed up- thanks for making me check it and update it! Now you can see the sign animated in all its football kicking glory!

  • JJ

    Thank you Betty for getting the gif working .Now i don’t have to travel to see it!!!

    • oh, but if you don’t go you’ll miss the PIE!