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Gus & Gus – On The Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, DE since 1956 Rehoboth Beach, DE

Posted on: August 31, 2012

Gus & Gus – On The Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach, DE since 1956

15 South Boardwalk Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

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Sometimes I can’t fault people for not recognizing the Retro Roadmap worthy places that are right under their noses, because yes, my friends, it’s happened to me. How else could I explain the omission up to this point, of Gus & Gus a summer tradition on the Rehoboth Beach Delaware boardwalk since 1956? I mean we spend more time in Rehoboth than any other place except for home (since Retro Roadhusband grew up there, and still plays gigs there), so I have no excuse.

Gus & Gus on The Boardwalk

Better nate than lever as they say, so Retro Roadhusband and I went to Gus’s for breakfast the last time we were down the beach.But as you can see from the menu posted right on the boardwalk, they’ve got a lot more than breakfast! You can order at the takout window (there’s always a line) – or sit inside, amist the unchanged decor.

Gus & Gus Entrance

I bet you can guess what we did? ;-)

Gus & Gus Wallpaper

I’ve always been relieved when I have noticed that Gus & Gus hasn’t been Gussied Up while the other businesses on the boardwalk go upscale, or under. Owned and operated by Gus Svolis and his family since 1956, the boomerang formica on the tables is authentic, as are the (unfortunately not working) Seeburg 160 Wall-O-Matic tabletop jukeboxes. There’s even counter seating, so it’s about the closest thing to a diner that the town has, in that respect.
Gus & Gus Counter  Gus & Gus’s Place is defintely a beach tradition for many folks who return year after year to order their beach fries, burgers and cheese steaks from the window – where you can see your food being grilled and prepped right in front of you. They also are famous for their fried chicken, which I’ll have to get the next time we’re down there.

Gus & Gus Chicken is Open

When I went to the back to check out the bigger dining area I ran into Mrs. Gus, who was just as sweet as can be. We’d never met (and Mod Betty on assignment tends to go incognito ;-)) but she chatted away with me as if we’d known each other forever. What a DEAR.

Gus & Gus Dining Room
Breakfast was good, and affordable (they have scrapple, much to Retro Roadhusband’s delight) and the big jukebox in the back kept us entertained with other folks’ selections.

They’re open seasonally, but if the weather’s decent you’ll probably find Gus behind the grill, so stop by! You may just see us in line too :-)

Gus & Gus Window


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  • wacky tacky

    Holy cow! Those booths!!! That floor!!! This place looks pretty neat. How was the grub?

    • Mod Betty

      We had breakfast which was fine – heading there this weekend to get some chicken and other delicacies, will let you know! From their Yelp reviews, many people consider them a Must Do Beach Tradition.

  • roadsidewonders

    You aren’t alone on this one. I’ve been to Reho a dozen times or so and I never discovered it either.

    It’s on my famous “to do” list now, though!

    • Mod Betty

      I mean I’ve walked past it so many times – I guess I’ve got “locals blinders” on :-)

  • Matt Smallwood

    I have eaten here on an occasion or two. My buddy was a seasonal Rehobeth policeman in the late 1980′s. He used to eat here all the time on his break. They basically patrolled the boardwalk anyway. :-)

  • Mary

    We are supposed to be heading to Rehoboth the last weekend of September, I hope to check it out!

    • Mod Betty

      Good to know! If you want any other Reho recommendations I’d be more than happy to tell you of our fave places and bartenders ;-)

      • Mary

        How about any good thrift/antique stores the area??

  • Doug Just Doug

    Rarely miss Gus & Gus when I’m in RB — best greasy fries at the beach (seems to be the seagulls fave, too). The heat the emanates from the place when you’re at the take-out window is legendary.

    • Mod Betty

      Ah, now you’ve got me longing for the beach – c’mon summer!