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Head to Speck’s Broasted Chicken in Collegeville PA When You’re Feeling Peckish Collegeville, PA Broasted Chicken

Posted on: June 25, 2009

2017 Update: Speck’s is still one of my fave places to go when I don’t feel like cooking (who am I kidding, I never like cooking!) so I visit often and still can’t help but snap a photo or two of this dining room. Oh, I hope they never change it!

Speck's Broasted Chicken Collegeville PA Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap


Original 2009 Post:

Located smack dab between Pikes (Germantown and Ridge) in Collegeville PA, Speck’s Drive In has been serving up tasty food since 1965, and it’s still owned and operated by the family of Stanley “Speck” Landis, who founded the restaurant in 1953.

Speck's Broasted Chicken Collegeville PA Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap

There are signs on either Pike to guide you into their parking lot, and interestingly no signage on the building itself, which is reminiscent of a small Howard Johnsons, but with a red and white color scheme. The signs are beauties though, and would make any Retro Roadmap fan detour immediately to investigate.

speck's sign

If the sign didn’t clue you in the menu sure will- Speck’s is all about the Broasted chicken (did you know that Broasted is actually a trademarked term meaning to cook using pressure and frying? Well now you know!)

There are other things on the menu, but you’d be foolish not to go for the chicken, at least on your first visit. If you feel the need later to branch out there are sandwiches and hoagies as well. Belly up to the counter, place your order and wait for your tray.

Speck's Broasted Chicken Collegeville PA Pennsylvania Retro Roadmap

And oh, that chicken! Sold by the piece (individually or in buckets, up to 100 pieces or more) it is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside- what more could you ask for? I recommend ordering a dinner as I’m a sucker for the not often seen crinkle cut fries, and theirs are excellent and fried up nice, not mealy or flabby like some fries.
Table Service
And do you see what else is cool about Speck’s? Well take a look at that Nelson-esque starburst pattern on that table, it’s just the start! There was a fire in Specks around 1973 and they remodeled the place then, giving it a colorful orange and yellow palette. Have a look-see:
Dining Room
This triple threat of signage, food and decor put Specks at the top of my list, and it’s open year ’round so you can get your fix any time!

Counter Service



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  • bob

    before specks it was known as the big pixie.Girls came out on roller skates to drive – up speaker phones just like the ones at the drive-in movies.

  • It’s nice to still have a place where I can go and sit down on the same seat and eat at the same counter that I did 30 years ago.

  • Harry

    Speck’s Chicken is fantastic and great place to eat with the family! I also would recommend right up the street…”The Cone” for dessert afterwards. The place looks like a Cone (for real). They have both Soft and Hard Ice cream. I think they had over 14 different flavors, Pretzels, Funnel Cake and many other snacks.

    • Harry- thanks for swinging by the Retro Roadmap! I haven’t been to The Cone recently – I’ll have to check on it again (excuse to eat fried chicken and ice cream!)

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  • Lynda

    Don’t forget the orange drink. For some reason you can help yourself to fountain soda, but you can’t with the orange drink. It is sacred I guess. Another interesting thing about Specks, their hamburger/cheeseburgers come on a dinner roll. My 8 year old loves them and I have to admit, they are quite tasty.

    • I was just at Speck’s last week (waistline be damned) and got my usual chicken n diet coke. Now I’ll have to check out a hamburger/cheeseburger and orange drink – thanks for the tip Lyn!

  • Sean

    7 years later it still hasn’t changed! Happy Fried Chicken Day!