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Hofbrau Haus Abbottstown PA – German Food in the Heart of Pennsylvania Abbottstown, PA

Posted on: March 16, 2012

So I bet you thought I’d be posting about someplace authentically Irish in time for St. Pat’s day? Never expect the expected from Mod Betty! I decided this was the perfect time to throw a culinary curveball and share our visit to the Hofbrau Haus in Abbottstown PA.
Hofbrauhaus ExteriorRetro Roadhusband and I have driven by here when we’ve headed out west on Route 30 / The Lincoln Highway to the York area to go on a factory tour or to Gettysburg, but I finally made us stop and go inside when fellow roadblogger and swell gal WendyVee of Roadside Wonders posted her photos of the Hofbrau Haus. After seeing her photos we couldn’t wait to see the interior for ourselves!

From the moment we stepped into the restaurant and spied the knotty pine and room divider made out of “wavy glass with leaves embedded in it” (I don’t know the official term but I bet Pam at RetroRenovation does!) I was glad we decided to venture inside.
Glass DividerThe Hofbrau Haus has been in business since 1958, serving authentic German German food, not Pennsylvania Dutch food that’s so common in these parts.
Pennsylvania Restaurant Association 1968Whoa! no we did not sit with this ferocious beast and his frozen in time friends looking over our shoulders! Though they certainly did add to the hunting lodge ambiance!
Stuffed Bear and TaxidermyInstead we had kitschy Bavarian and German knick knacks above us (loving the knotty pine and scalloped edges hiding the recessed lights!) while we were making selections from their menu of authentic German food.

Perusing the Menu


When I saw this pipe smoking gent next to the oversized Heineken bottle I actually could not help but think of my dad, who as some of you know, passed away a little over a year ago. Not only was he a pipe smoker, but he came back from his stint in the Navy (Stationed in Newfoundland in the early 60s) with not one but two perfectly preserved giant glass bottles from Heineken- you can see one in the background of this vintage slide (no that’s not dad!) . I’m amazed that they survived our crazy household all those years, and now I am the proud keeper of one of them.

Heineken BottleNow I don’t know my Jagerschnitzel from my Schweinebraten but they were both on the menu . I wasn’t that hungry so I opted for a hot roast beef sandwich. Retro Roadhusband was a bit more adventurous with the menu and got The Rouladen – thin steak rolled w/ onions, bacon and relish. And we were served crackers with cheese with our German beers. I honestly can’t tell you if it was “good” German food or “meh” German food because it was the first time I had it. RRH ate all his up, so there’s that.

There was a steady stream of people coming into the restaurant, even though my photos give the impression that the place was deserted. Heck you should know by now that I always go for that deserted look! 😉

Dining RoomThere was German music piped in through the dining areas, and it was fun to watch the waitresses get the drinks through a little window in the wall that led to the Alpine Lounge next door. I love love love the fonts on those signs!

Alpine LoungeWe stepped into the Alpine Lounge to see what it was like, and possibly get another drink, but the charm stopped at the door, as it was just your regular average bar – but with smoking inside. Blech. BUT we’d go back to the restaurant no probs!


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