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Ice Cream Soda Fountain and Great Burgers – Hildebrandt’s Williston Park NY Williston Park, NY

Posted on: August 15, 2010

In business since 1927, Hildebrandt’s luncheonette, soda fountain and ice cream parlor is the real Retro Roadmap deal. As soon as you drive down Hillside avenue in Williston Park, NY you can’t help but notice the light green vitrolite exterior of this corner shop, and the wonderful neon sign with the classic Hildebrandt’s logo.


Oh how I wish the tree wasn’t there so I could’ve taken a better photo of my favorite word, Luncheonette!

Ice Cream Cakes Our Specialty

As we walked through the door we really got that “stepped back in time” feeling, with the tile floor, counter with swivel stools and small dining area in the back with cute deco tables. Since we had only just had breakfast, it seemed as if an ice cream or sweet treat was in order, so we sat at the marble counter right next to the great vintage coke dispenser.

Hildebrandt's Marble Counter

You can see more photos of Hildebrandt’s interior here at their website.

As we sat waiting for our treats I was happy to see the place filling up with parents and kids, grandparents and kids, just some kids, just some adults, and it felt like the place was coming to life. They are known for their Italian specialties as well as their classic lunch counter fare.

Just down the end of the counter we could see the grill where they make their famous “fries” which are really round potato slices fried golden brown. I  read in Hamburger America by George Motz (where I actually found out about this place -thanks George! )he has included their burger is one of the top 100 burgers in the nation. If only my belly wasn’t so full from breakfast!

Not that that stopped me from ordering and eating most of a dish of home made ice cream:

Hildebrandt's Ice Cream

As you can see they still use old fashioned metal ice cream dishes so the ice cream doesn’t melt so fast. They also use classic soda fountain glasses for their raspberry lime rickeys. Suzanne was kind enough to indulge my “let me take a photo of it first” Retro RoadRule to show you her refreshing drink.

Hildebrandt's Lime Rickey

When it isn’t so incredibly hot out, they also make home made chocolates, and I hear it’s THE place to come get your Easter candy.

There was a message on Hildebrandt’s menu that to me sums up the raison d’etre of Retro Roadmap, in a nutshell:

Since 1927...Because One Person Tells Another

Since 1927…Because One Person Tells Another.

It’s as easy as that, folks! Hopefully I’m telling you all about this wonderful vintage corner shop so you’ll make a stop there and we can keep the place going ’til their 100th anniversary and beyond!


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  • Have I ever told you that you have one of THE BEST retro blogs on the planet? Thank you for sharing this gem with us!

    • Why RetroModGirl, I’m flattered! Your blog is pretty dang cool itself. Thanks for swinging by the Retro Roadmap and if there’s ever a place you know of that deserves to be added, please drop a line!

  • Anne Fox

    WOW! This is wonderful! Thank you so much for featuring my family’s restuarant. We work really hard to make sure that everything that makes Hildebrandt’s special never changes. Thanks again for the great review. We love out fans.
    All the best,
    The Acosta’s and The Strano’s
    Hildebrant’s, Williston Park

    • Anne, Thank you and everyone at Hildebrandt’s for keeping the place looking like it did back in the old days, as that is a testament to the longevity and history of the place. Looking forward to visiting the next time, and every time, we’re in the area, and hoping to see you all soon on DDD!

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  • Richard T

    I have been a regular at Hildebrandt’s for some time now, and each time (last night the latest!) I visit, I alwys find something new and delicious. The onion soup in the crock is superb, and their meat lasagne is the BEST. BTW, Tom and Bryan and two of the best, friendliest guys in Williston Park (love those jokes, Bryan!). Now that Hildebrandt’s has appeared in Guy Fieri’s ‘Diners, Drive Ins and Dives’ on the Food Network, you may have to wait a fewminutes for a table. I guarantee you that it will always be worth the wait!

    • Richard – thanks for reinforcing our thoughts that Hildebrandt’s is a swell place to go! Wish we could visit there more often, but glad that locals have a cool place like that in their area.

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