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Main Street, Newark DE – The Times They Are A-Changin 2016 update

Posted on: May 25, 2010

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2016 Update – When Mod Betty originally wrote about Main Street in Newark Delaware 6 years ago, it was a treat to know that the places she had loved from years before still were open and retained their authentic vintage charm. Fast forward to 2016 and all but one of those remain authentically “Retro Roadmap worthy” – the National 5 & 10.

Sadly the Post House closed in 2012, and Bing’s, while still the longest running bakery in New Castle County, has been remodeled  so the interior no longer looks like these photos. They’re still a swell bakery, so I’m leaving this post here, but don’t go there and be surprised it doesn’t look like this.

I’m also putting the National 5 &10 on a separate page of their own. 

2010: I can’t tell you how delighted I was to re-visit Main Street in Newark Delaware to find 3 of my favorite old fashioned businesses still going strong. Next time you need a tasty breakfast, baked goods or random sundries from a 5 and 10, head to this stretch of road near the University of Delaware and enjoy a day on good old Main Street. Just remember it’s New-ARK, like Noah built!
Bing’s Bakery 235 East Main Street – interior updated since posted in 2010.

Bing's Bakery Exterior

Note – it doesn’t look like this anymore 2016

I used to work across the street from Bing’s and was always charmed by their signage and turquoise, pegboard and knotty pine interior, and was tickled to see that the new owners had not messed with this classic look.

Note – it doesn’t look like this anymore 2016

Founded in 1946 by Russell and Selina Bing, the bakery changed hands in 2005 when Selina turned the keys over to her head baker of 9 years, Tom Guzzi and his wife, Carla Guzzi. Delaware’s “longest running” bakery was abuzz with customers when I was there, from regulars picking up donuts, to a young couple discussing their wedding cake.

A pleasant counter gal helped me buy my bag of sunflower shaped sugar cookies, and when I asked how long the bakery had been there, a wonderfully friendly customer chimed in that her sister had been married in 1959 and got her wedding cake from Bing’s. She added that it was great that this place was still around, being one of the only bakeries left in New Castle County, and I have to agree!
Bing The Baker

Bing’s Bakery
253 East Main Street
Newark, DE 19711-7314
(302) 737-5310


The Post House Restaurant 145 East Main Street SADLY NOW CLOSED 🙁
(RIP 1957-2012) I’m leaving the photos up here for future generations to know what they missed.

I used to love the simplicity of the Post House restaurant, with its minimalist mid century brick exterior and interior with a long counter top and burgundy banquettes for waiting. Somehow it felt more like a diner than the “real” diner on the next corner!
Post House Restaurant Exterior
Oh how happy I was to find that Retro Roadhusband’s report that the Post House was closed was an error on his part, and this great little lunch counter was still in business! I sat myself down at the counter and ordered myself a breakfast sandwich and reveled in the fact that this place really hadn’t changed much since it opened at this location in 1957.
Post House Restaurant InteriorInteresting counter story- I wasn’t necessarily eves-dropping but I could not help but hear the two gentlemen to my side discussing what I thought was a sports team- only to see when they stood up, that the Sonic they were referring to was the corporate drive in chain, as confirmed by the logo embroidered on one man’s shirt. I thought it was a sweet victory indeed that even the folks making the joy of a car hop restaurant a little bit more generic could appreciate the actual authenticity of a place like the Post House.
Post House Restaurant Counter

And the rub? It closed after 55 yrs and was replaced by a Grilled Cheese Shop that barely lasted 2 years. The times, they are a-changin’ indeed.

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  • rick

    Great post- wonderful images, makes me want to head north!

    • Thanks Rick! I bet this is turning into your hot season down in FLA, maybe a northern trip might be in order. Remember if you’re ever in the Mid Atlantic or New England, we’ll treat you right!

  • Cindi Handloff Brooks

    Just stumbled across this post…super fun walk down Main Street! Just had to share your link on FB b/c my family owns the 5 & 10…my dad still runs it with my brother who is gearing up to take over…4th generation! Had to laugh at some of your photos of the store…I recently took some of the same shots!! I particularly like the one of the shopping carts. And I love that sign over the cash registers. Has been there my entire life.

    Lots of good memories from Bing’s too…I think they supplied every important cake I ever ate including my wedding cake! And The Post House was a favorite college b’fast spot…I lived on Main Street – of course!

    Be sure to stop in and say Hi next time you’re in town. 🙂

    • Cindi- I’m just thrilled that you found and liked the writeup and am glad to hear that your brother is continuing the family tradition with the 5 & 10! Retro Roadhusband and I were in there a few weeks ago (we took a detour into Newark while heading to Rehoboth) and I picked up a gaggle of those state magnets for my Retro Roadmap wall at home. I love hearing how some of these businesses have become such good memories, and getting a comment like yours makes it all worthwhile. I’m up in Mass. at the moment visiting family and in the absence of Retro Roadhusband I read your comment aloud to my brother-in-law, commenting “it’s notes like this that make it all worthwhile” – adding, I don’t get paid to do this, but I get payback in good vibes! 🙂

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  • Thanks for sharing these great places with the world. I’ve lived in Newark all my adult life and still visit these 3 businesses regularly. In fact, I ate breakfast at Post House on the way to work this morning. The business has been for sale for quite a while (no takers yet), but not the building as Post House has always leased it. I hope the eventual new owners don’t mess with the character of the place (new A/C system would be welcome though). I imagine National 5 & 10 is under pressure now that Univ. of Delaware opened a new “bookstore” across the street (managed by Barnes & Noble), which is also selling UD-licensed merchandise and dorm “essentials” that were pretty much Nat’l 5&10’s exclusive territory on Main St. (Booo! to UD for that).

    • DJD –

      Thanks for the locals update on these businesses! I hope people continue to patronize the 5&10 in spite of the corporate store across the way, and had heard that the Post House was for sale. Bummed that the original diner there too has turned into something completely different, but glad to know that the East End is still swinging as Mojo 13, as I have fond memories of Retro Roadhusband playing there!

      • Update on the Post House: it closed for good a couple of months ago. The owners of Peace A Pizza further down on Main St. are renovating the interior of the building and opening a restaurant called “The Melt Down”, apparently specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. The good news is that so far it doesn’t look like the building’s facade will be changed.

        • oh bummer. Hope they don’t mess with it, but I did love the old, plain diner feel of the whole place. Guess I’m not good with change!

  • dave

    great stuff !!! love bings, great sweets ….. my late brother worked at post house and always liked driving by the 5 & 10 ….. shame they tore down the balloon !!