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Maple Donuts York PA – Sure Beats Toast! York, PA

Posted on: April 21, 2010

As you can probably tell from my photos, the weather wasn’t fully cooperating with my all day plan to drive around and take photos of the cool old vintage and retro places between Lancaster PA and points west. However nothing cheers up a day more than an unexpected donut shop stop with its cheery orange signage, friendly counter help, wonderfully retro interior and of course tasty donuts! Thank you Maple Donuts of York PA for the smile on an otherwise gloomsville day.
Maple Donuts

As I learned from reading the napkin and asking the very helpful counter girl, Maple Donuts has been around since 1946 and while they do have a maple frosted donut, the store name actually comes from its original location on Maple Street in York. The company is still family owned and operated and has a handful of locations around the York PA area. The location I discovered is on Route 462 and I could not resist the pull of the big orange sign and the promise of something sweet to lift my spirits (and blood sugar!)

Maple Donuts Sign
I was delighted to see that there were plenty of donuts to choose from, and according to reports they have 58 varieties! It is at times like this when I wish Retro Roadhusband was with me, so I could sample more than one flavor, as many of them looked delicious, both cake and raised, frosted, filled, crullers, mmm! Since I couldn’t order one of each I did the next best thing, and sampled some of their donut holes.

Maple Donut Holes

I was going to get a diet Coke (my go-to to-go drink with donuts – a leftover habit from a job I had long ago) but when I saw how delightfully cheery the interior of this shop was, I decided to get a hot tea and sit at the counter.
Maple Donuts Interior
The main counter is a wonderful intersection of multiple circles, and the tables at the window are meant to look like a donut, with a white circle in the middle. How cute is that? I sat myself down at the middle of the big center counter donut at the counter and tried to balance devouring/savoring of these deep fried and sugar coated tasty morsels. De-lish!

Maple Donuts Counter

I dug sitting at the counter waiting for my tea to cool off- to my right there was an older gentleman eying me as I artfully arranged my donut holes on the napkin – hey, all the kids are doing it, pops! To my left I had a perfect view of a family coming in for a dozen, their twin boys, no more than 5 years old I bet, making a beeline for the swivel counter stools, getting in as many spins as they could before mom would herd them back into the mini-van. I smiled at them and they smiled at me, sharing the knowledge  that it sure is fun to swivel as fast as you can before mom says no. Kinda sad to think of all those random moments of human connection like this we miss when we’re in our cars in the drive through or getting something to go.

While I have a Dunkin Donuts within a block of The Hacienda, I’d drive over an hour back to Maple Donuts in a heartbeat. It’s an easy exit off of Route 30 ( check it on the Retro Roadmap) – so if you’re in the area I suggest you make the stop too – you won’t be disappointed!

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