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Massey’s Frozen Custard Carlisle PA – Open Since 1949 Carlisle, PA

Posted on: September 29, 2010

August 2015 Update of a Good Kind – I drove to Massey’s en route home from Hagerstown MD and was pleased, nay DELIGHTED to find out that they’re now open year ’round!  Now you have no excuse to stop in and try their way too delicious Frozen Custard. Your tastebuds will thank you. Your clothing size…maybe not 😉

For some reason I totally forgot I had to tell you all about Massey’s Frozen Custard in Carlisle PA, and now it’s too late because they’re closed for the season. I had hoped they were still open, but when I called just now the message said “We are closed for the season, see you in the spring” so that’s that. But I’m telling you about it now so it can be on your list of places to check out next spring!

Massey's Frozen Custard Since 1949

It was just about a year ago when Retro Roadhusband and I drove past Massey’s on our road trip south, and I vowed to return in season to check it out. One sunny day a few weeks ago I did just that, and was happy to see that this classic ice cream stand – open since 1949, was doing a brisk business. While they do serve regular ice cream, who could resist home made frozen custard? Not me!

Frozen Custard from Massey'sI couldn’t resist it so much that I dove into my dish of vanilla immediately, totally forgetting that I wanted to take a photo! You can see how thick and good it is from what I hadn’t devoured, right?

Massey’s is handily located across the street from Dickenson College and next to one of the athletic fields (so you’d think they’d be open longer into the school season? Eh, whatevs, their decision, not mine!) and is basically a walk up ice cream window housed inside the small brick building. There are a few picnic tables in the back if you don’t want to get right back into your car.

My fave thing besides my frozen custard was their great vintage sign:

Massey's Frozen Custard Sign
So cheery looking with the bright blue sky behind it, Retro Roadmap Flickr pal I Saw The Sign captured this vintage lovely with the neon all aglow AND animted, in this video below, and graciously allowed us to share it here. I had no idea it was an animated sign – cool!

( if you want to see loads of cool roadside photos check out I Saw The Sign’s Flickr Photos– and thanks, David for the use of the photo!)

So while this season is already over for Massey’s, we have next season to look forward to!

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