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Patsy Cline Shrine – Gaunt’s Drug Store & Pharmacy [CLOSED MARCH 2015] Winchester, VA

Posted on: November 28, 2011

UPDATED = Just was told (March 2015) that Gaunt’s is now closed. 🙁

We weren’t expecting to stop at Gaunt’s Drug Store – located just a stone’s throw from the Triangle Diner. BUT when I glanced in the window and saw vintage signage AND a somewhat mysterious lady in the window, we just had to pull over.


Gaunt's Drug Store Exterior Winchester VA

Upon closer inspection it appears that that mystery lady is non other than a life size painted replica of the Queen of Winchester VA, Patsy Cline herself!

Patsy Cline Window Gaunt's Drug Store Winchester VA Window Patsy ClineHowdy, folks! She seems to say, doffing her hat at the passing motorists.

Since the interior looked like it hadn’t changed much in a while we went inside. And it didn’t hurt that we needed to pick up a box of tissues since my allergies had gone haywire!

Entrance Gaunt's Drug Store Winchester VA -Entrance and Hours

When we entered the small drug store we could not help but notice Patsy Cline memorabilia everywhere!

Interior Gaunt's Drug Store Winchester VA - Patsy Cline Worked HereThere was many a shrine to Patsy around the store, with corners displaying most anything with Patsy’s likeness on it. “The owner must be quite a fan,” I thought.
Gaunt's Drug Store Winchester VA - Patsy Cline ShrineThe druggist behind the counter was busy doing druggisty things so we didn’t get a chance to ask him what the story was behind all the memorabilia. We later discovered an online article  mentioning that Patsy had worked as a soda jerk here at the drug store, when it also had a soda fountain back in the 1950’s.
Gaunt's Drug Store SignThe druggist  – Harold Madagan -who was behind the counter when we were there – actually worked at the pharmacy at the same time that Patsy did, so we were one degree separated from the country music legend! And we were able to support this independent – and historic – pharmacy, with our purchase of tissues and some M&Ms.