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Peter’s Diner Glens Falls NY – A Storefront Restaurant With a Diner Heart Glens Falls, NY

Posted on: June 10, 2010

  • Phone: (518) 792-9772

We were bummed to see  the Prospect Mountain Diner in Lake George was shiny and new*, but that gave us a perfect excuse to go to Peter’s Diner in Glens Falls NY (around the corner from ABC Restaurant Equipment) before heading home from our fun Vintage Vacation. Though not a diner by architectural definition, it sure fit the bill in every other way when we ventured inside.

Opened in 1961 and still presided over by owner Pete Demas (who said he’s “got shoes older than you!” – I took it as a compliment). Locals at the counter, tasty affordable food, and friendly service even for us out of towners, we were glad we made the choice to head here.

Peter's Diner Bank Advertisment

I am not the most forward person sometimes when I’m doing my Retro Roadmapping, but I have gotten better about taking inside photos without the fear of someone yelling at me (don’t hold your breath for photos with strangers in ’em!). Luckily since we were on vacation I had the perfect legit excuse to snap some at Pete’s while we waited for our breakfasts.

Peter's Diner From Our Booth
The most expensive thing on the menu was a $9.95 Steak and Eggs combo, but really nothing else was more than $6. What a deal! They’re open year ’round for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I even heard Pete tell tale of making some extra meatloafs (meatloaves?) so a customer could freeze them and cook them herself. Don’t think you’d get that kind of service at a chain restaurant.

Peter's Diner Counter

It was neat to hear Pete and (his daughter?) the nice waitress have sassy banter with the folks at the end of the counter. A couple of older gentleman came in, and before they even sat down the waitress knew immediately what they were going to order. Some folks came in through the parking lot entrance and were greeted with a familiar “hello ladies!” as they walked towards a small table in the front.

As we cashed out in the front, I noticed a framed photo of a painting of the facade as well as what I can only imagine are many little fans of Pete’s diner.

Peters Diner Painting and Family

(I was told the painting is in a local museum – cool!)

While some people who don’t “get it” may find Pete’s a bit on the shabby side, we found it to be well loved and homey. For the time it took us to eat our tasty bacon and eggs, we felt like we slipped into a slice of small town life before we reluctantly made our way towards the highway.

*Heartfelt thanks go out to Larry Cultrera of Diner Hotline who corrected my assumption about the Prospect Mountain diner, the original having burned down and not remodeled, but replaced by the shiny diner now there in 2007. Here’s an article about the new Prospect Mountain Diner, c/o the staff at Diner History. Always want to have the most accurate information on the Retro Roadmap!

Peter's Diner on Urbanspoon

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  • Another great find!

    You get such terrific interior shots. They always add so much to your pieces! (I would never have known that you have any trepidation about taking inside photos …. something that I have in SPADES! In reality, Mom & Pop shops probably love it when anyone takes photos – as opposed to corporate restaurants and large retailers)

    This is one of my favorite areas . . . I hope to visit Pete’s sometime soon!

    • oh thanks WendyVee! To be honest I’m sometimes practically phobic about photoing even though it’s my fave thing to do. I think what helps is that I have a small point and shoot, so people aren’t as threatened by it. And now with everyone and their dog having a cellphone w/ camera ( shhh! Don’t tell Retro Roadpup!) I think we’ve all gotten a bit more used to people taking photos of- everything! I still have only rarely taken photos of people in places, but have gotten a bit better at posing the Retro Roadkids. Baby steps!

      Pete’s was truly a find, and I have to hand it to Retro Roadhusband for suggesting we go in and inquire about the hours the day before. As soon as we stepped into the place we knew we had to check it out further. That’s the fun of a retro road trip- the unexpected finds!

  • Beth, the Prospect Mountain Diner was not remodelled but replaced. The original Silk City was destroyed by fire 3 years ago. The current one is a new Diner-Mite diner. I will say it is a bit of a let down for me as the original was a classic double-wide Silk City from 1950.

    • Larry – thanks for the update- I was bummed that it was a shiny new diner. Those just don’t “speak” to me, but in any case, it made us venture to Peter’s, which was a total find indeed!

  • The way you decribed the interior makes me think of one of my favorite “greasy spoons” (I use that term lovingly!) near downtown Sarasota, Florida (where I live): Silver Star. It’s a family diner with no-nonsense food and consistent employees that treat you like family.

    As far as taking photos, I appreciate it when people ask in our shop before they do. It’s different when you’re selling merchandise (and especially ours, where so much of it is about the joke itself). When I see someone using their phone to take a picture of one or our refrigerator magnets or of one of our “visuals,” I see it as stealing and ask them not to take photos (we actually have the policy posted at our front door). However, if someone asks if they can take a photo, I usually say it’s fine — because they usually offer an explanation of why they want to take the photo (“I’m thinking of buying this for someone” or better yet, “your shop is so cool — can I take photos?!” — I think this is how I originally got hooked up with Retro Roadmap!)

    • Jeff, I totally understand your reasoning behind not wanting to let folks take photos – glad I spoke up when I was in your shop! I’ve had some good luck lately getting folks to agree to me taking photos, its just me getting comfortable asking and being OK with it if they say no 🙂

  • John

    Had breakfast at Peter’s a couple of days ago….hasn’t changed a bit. Friendly place, smiles and hellos when you come in. Got into a little discussion about the value of local businesses vs big corps. Breakfast was like what Dad used to cook up on Sundays when I was kid. Good place

    • So glad to hear it hasn’t changed! Someone told mem that the ABC Restaurant Store just around the corner closed, and we’re sad. We got some cool stuff there!

  • John

    Hey Betty, believe me, it hasn’t changed a bit I’m sure. Don’t know about the ABC store but Peter’s is probably EXACTLY the same as it was when you were there. Peter’s hip doesn’t seem to be getting any better though. And yes, it’s sad when places like that close down. They are gone forever.

    • Thanks for using your breakfast money to help keep them open, every little bit helps and that’s how we do it!

      • John

        Yup, better than dropping $15 at McDonald’s …..and, a much more interesting experience