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Roadside America Book Signing- John Margolies 4/14/2010

Posted on: April 8, 2010

Tags: Book Signing, John Margolies, New york, New York City, NYC, Roadside America, Taschen

Well if this isn’t worth hopping into the RetroMobile and trekking to New York City for, I don’t know what is!

John Margolies: Roadside America brings together approximately 400 color photographs of Main Street signs, storefronts, movie theaters and drive-ins, gas stations, short-order restaurants, motels, roadside attractions, miniature golf courses, coastal resorts, giant figures, and statuary.

John Margolies: Roadside America Celebration, book signing, and reception Wednesday, April 14

“In an age when online shopping and mega-malls have reconfigured American consumerism, stripping away idiosyncrasy in favor of a bland homogeneity, Margolies’s 30-year survey reminds us of a more innocent, unpredictable, and colorful past.”

If you’re a fan of roadside architecture, take a look at your library and you probably own at least one book by John Margolies-  and if you don’t here’s a list from Amazon of John Margolies’ books to help you see what you’ve been missing! I haven’t collected ’em all and am still sore that I lost the mini-golf book in an ill fated romance years back, but here’s a chance to see the man in person and pick up his latest tome, Roadside America!

Retro Roadhusband and I leap at any excuse to head to New York City, so we’re heading up to NYC next Wednesday for the event. We’ll be the bespectacled couple with the enthusiasm of out-of-towners  – join us won’t you?

Mod Betty and Retro Roadhusband