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Rutt’s Hut Clifton, NJ – Don’t Miss The Vintage Bar / Dining Room! Clifton, NJ

Posted on: November 24, 2010

Last time we were heading up to Massachusetts I made a Retro Roadmap “Rut-Roh” at Rutt’s Hutt in Clifton NJ. Learn from my mistake!

Rutt's Hut Neon SignRutt’s Hut is a classic roadside joint if ever there was one with a passionate fanbase for their “ripper” style hot dogs (aka split and deep fried).

While we did get one of their famous hot dogs, here’s where we went wrong. We shied away from venturing into the Bar / Dining Room for our meal, and opted to eat at the standup, takeout counter. It was white tiled and utilitarian. The Childrens Counter below the window was good for a chuckle.

Rutt's Hut Children's Counter

With Retro Roadluck on our side, it was handy that we wanted to use the facilities before we hit the road, and were directed by the gal behind the counter to go into the Bar/ Dining Room area.

When we entered we realized the err of our ways- check out this photo of the interior of the bar/dining room area of  Rutt’s Hut from the folks at– how cool is that?

I am still kicking myself for not going in there first (I was spooked by a disembodied face peering out the window!) This place is a time capsule of vintage dining and bar decor, right down to the sassy waitress and bar patrons with slicked back hair.

One of the benefits of being a Retro Roadmap Reader is learning from my mistakes…so when you go to Rutt’s Hut go through this door:

Rutt's Hut Bar Dining Room(Walk towards that door even if you see someone looking out that round window right at you. Don’t be a scaredy cat like I was! I’m sure he’ll move aside when you try to go in.)

I’m glad to read that Rutt’s has more than hotdogs on their sit down menu – it means we get to go back there and eat in that vintage dining room!

Rutt's Hut on Urbanspoon