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Skip’s Burgers are Worth The Trip! Merrimac MA Merrimac, MA

Posted on: August 12, 2009

  • Phone: (978) 346-8686

If you’re a Retro Roadmap kinda person, Skip’s Snackbar in Merrimac MA takes you on a rollercoaster ride before you even park your car. The first thing you see from the road is this glorious colorful neon sign, the likes of which we rarely see in Massachusetts! Lights flashing, neon gleaming, at night I am sure it is quite a sight:

High expectations arise when you see a sign like that, but then it’s a plunge downhill when you pull into the parking lot and find that the place itself is a brick box.


Now you know I like to keep the tone here positive, but I just want to make folks aware of this in case the disappointing facade makes them think they should skip Skip’s. Au contraire! Trust the flashy neon sign, because the burgers and fries at this place are totally worth it.

Skip’s is family owned and has been in business since 1947 – at this location since 1955. When you walk in you see the huge  vintage sign below and then find that the place is a modified drive in restaurant, where you order at the counter and they call your number when your food is ready.

Skip's Snack Bar Sign

There are plenty of snack bar foods on the menu, but trust me, order a burger or cheeseburger. And PLEASE!  Don’t be a ninny like I was- get the delicious Suzie Q fries!


Here’s what happened. I had not been to Skip’s in easily 10 years or more, and had remembered something about their fries being thin cut and really good. So when I saw Suzie Q fries on the menu and the lady behind the counter confirmed that they were basically curly fries, I figured they must’ve done away with the tasty fries that I had remembered. So I declined fries. MISTAKE! As soon as I sat in the dining room I saw everyone around me consuming these delectable thin, HAND CUT AND CURLED, FRESH Suzie Q fries. I debated trying to go back and get some added to my order, but realized that would be a hassle so I went without. I’m still kicking myself.

For you, dear readers, I actually asked a gracious but somewhat wary customer if I could take a photo of her fries, so I could show you all what I missed, and wow, what I missed! Hopefully this photo will convince you that the fries are worth it.

Skip's Hamburger & Suzie Q Fries

I will say that my burger was  mighty delicious and totally hit the spot, despite all of the Retro Roadeating I had been doing all week. The meat is fresh ground and never frozen, and while the patty may be thin to some, for me it was just the right size to meld with the toppings. That is one tasty burger!

While it is good to have someplace covered to eat, the dining room that was added on in the late 70’s/ early 80’s is not much to look at, so if the weather is nice, get yourself a seat at one of the outdoor picnic tables. There you will see the grounds for Skip’s famous Cruise Nights, where folks from all over gather to see and be seen in their vintage cars and hot rods. Some of the Cruise nights have upwards of 800 cars, and the suggested donations for these nights goes to a local charity.

Retro Roadmap wants to help you be in the know- Skip’s is cash only,  they’re closed on Tuesdays, and only open from May to October. And don’t forget the Suzie Q Fries!

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