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Snow White Grill – TINY! Historic Burger Shop In Old Town Winchester VA Winchester, VA tiny eatery

Posted on: November 22, 2011

Retro Roadhusband is always more interested in the food than the photos, so that’s why he’s so impatient with me as I try to capture the vintage porcelain steel exterior of the Snow White Grill in Winchester, VA.

Retro Roadhusband Wants To Get Into The Picture - Snow White Grill Winchester VA(C’mon! I want one a buncha them mini-burgers!)

 A tip of the hat to fellow road wanderer Diner Hunter for hepping us to the Snow White Grill – you can see a photo of the small interior of the grill on the Diner Hunter post about their visit.

Opened in 1949 the Snow White Grill in Winchester is the last remaining locations of a local chain of miniature burger / slider joints ala White Tavern, White Castle, Krystal. It’s a similar diminutive restaurant and burgers experience as we found at the Texas Tavern in Roanoke. Their mini-burger is served with fresh ground beef, mustard, grilled onions, and pickle on a steamed bun.

Retro Roadhusband Ponders the Menu - Snow White Restaurant Winchester VA(Retro Roadhusband ponders the menu- check it out! Birch Beer AND Mr. Pibb. We sure aren’t in PA anymore!)

While we had many tasty items on the menu to choose from, we thought we’d stick with what they’re famous for and order the burgers.

Snow White Grill Menu October 2011

While we waited for our burgers and drinks we noticed the grillman making up a huge quantity of these tiny burgers. Seems as if we came just before “Happy Hour” when you can order a large number of their famous burgers and get a discount.

Prepping Patties For Happy Hour - Snow White Restaurant Winchester, VA

You’ll have to take my word for it that our burgers and fries were dang tasty, as my one photo came out all fries! Photos were hard to take in the Snow White, as it kept on filling up with folks!
Interior of Snow White Restaurant Winchester, VA
We learned at the counter as we were paying that Patsy Cline used to eat here (and we’d later learn while tooling around town, that Patsy Cline is a queen in Winchester – she’s everywhere!)

Behind The Counter - Snow White Grill Winchester VA

The other, sadder thing we learned however, is that the folks who currently own the Snow White Grill have it up for sale 🙁 .

(2016 note – this was written in 2011 so I’m not sure if they are still “For Sale” – call ’em and ask :-))
Snow White Grill Winchester VA For SaleWe saw this sign as we were leaving the Grill, and then saw the note on their Facebook Page:

Just so you hear it here first…… we have listed the grill for sale. Our dream is struggling- we understand the economy isn’t good and we aren’t always convenient to get to and kids are brainwashed by the commercials for the fast food places. We would love for someone to be able to continue the tradition- anyone interested????

Like most  Retro Roadmap worthy places, the future of this historic place is uncertain- so get there while you can!

One thing to note is that Loudoun Street where the tiny restaurant resides, has been made over into a pedestrian mall, so you have to park on an adjacent street or lot and walk to the shop.